4 Ways to Find Affordable Office Space near Clark, NJ

If you’re a small business owner in Clark, NJ — or a nearby area like Westfield, Cranford, or Scotch Plains — finding affordable office space can be tough. While cheap offices exist in Union County, their low price tag usually indicates low quality. Unless you like working in a dim, cramped, and poorly serviced office, you’ll need to look elsewhere for affordable workspace.

That might mean adopting an outside-the-box approach. Right now, small-budget businesses across the U.S. are saving money by choosing unconventional and untraditional office space. Below, we’ve collected four strategies that can help you find affordable office space for rent that is convenient to Clark, Westfield, and Cranford, NJ

Find Affordable Office Space for Rent near Clark, Westfield, and Cranford

  • Low-Cost Office Space Alternatives. The easiest way to rent affordable office space is to skip renting office space completely. You’ll find a range of low-cost office space alternatives at Office Evolution® Clark, NJ. Our business address plans and phone answering services make it easy to operate a virtual office. Meanwhile, our coworking memberships give you access to our shared office space for less than you’d spend on a cup of coffee per day.
  • Find Deals Through Other Businesses. One smart way to find startup office space is through another business. If a local company wants a larger space, but they’re tied to a long-term lease, you could land a great deal by assuming their lease. Another strategy is to check with larger companies to see if they have unused office space. If they do, they may be willing to rent it out as startup office space. In many cases, they’ll ask for much less than the market rate.
  • Transform an Ugly Duckling. A tried-and-tested — though by no means foolproof — way to save big on office space is to find an unconventional space and convert it into a functional office. While this could give you an ultra-cheap lease, it will cost time and money to update your new space. At the same time, you’ll need to be careful that your new offices are actually functional. That means hiring a designer who understands how to create a healthy, ergonomic, and productive workspace.
  • Rent in a Shared Office Center. Perhaps the best way to find affordable office space is through a shared office center. We’ve adopted the shared office model at Office Evolution Clark. That has helped us create some of the most affordable and functional office space in Union County. All our rentals are offered at highly competitive rates, including budget-friendly rentals for dedicated desks, micro offices, and private offices.

On top of providing you with affordable office space in Clark, NJ, our office rentals also give you access to a full suite of professional services and amenities. Even though you’re paying small-office rates, each rental at our workplace comes with the resources of a larger workplace.

These resources include front-desk reception, live phone answering, business mail services, discounts on meeting rooms, complimentary coffee/tea, and access to our shared workspace. You’ll also gain nationwide access to other shared workspaces in the Office Evolution network, including several additional locations in New Jersey.

Call (848) 666-1577 today for more information about affordable office space rentals at Office Evolution Clark, NJ!

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