5 Considerations for Hiring Employees

Hiring a new employee is a major accomplishment. It’s a surefire sign that you’re growing and trust that you’ll continue moving upward. 

Before you extend an offer, you want to feel confident about your decision. Hiring is expensive, especially if you invest time and money in training and the new hire simply doesn’t work out. 

Consider the following five factors to help you and your new employee feel like you’ve made the right move:

Open office area with kitchen and white desks.1. Know When to Hire

Is now the right time to hire? The most telltale sign is when you start turning away work. You’ve reached your limit as to what you can do alone and need help. 

However, many solopreneurs don’t recognize the signs. They start working longer hours, taking on more work, dismissing lower-paying clients, and driving themselves straight to burnout. Eventually, they realize their mistake but now they’re too busy to take the time to hire and train someone.

Ideally, you’ll hire someone while you’re in deep but not drowning. This gives you enough time to train them properly and enough revenue to pay them well.

2. Know Where to Find Talent

You could list your position on an online job board, but there are better ways to find talent. 

Look for specific job-related websites that qualified candidates are likely to see. Share your posting on your blog, website, or social media. Ask others in your industry to spread the word or recommend someone. 

You might have to do some outreach, but you can save yourself some money by not going straight for a standard job posting service. 

3. Clearly Define the Role

You’re a jack-of-all-trades in your business, but it’s not fair to expect your new hire to be one, too. Get specific on the duties you need them to handle and define the skill set those duties require. For example, if you hire someone to handle invoicing and bookkeeping, you wouldn’t want to saddle them with blog writing, too. 

HiResHead CO Lakewood_0004_CO Lakewood H54. Set Them Up to Win

Working from your kitchen table won’t cut it when you hire employees. Minor details like having a flexible office space can make a major impact on how they feel in their role. Provide them with a workspace and all the tools they need to do their job without sacrifice.

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5. Have a Backup Plan

Remember that employees come and go, and it’s not always your fault. They may find a better job, relocate, go back to school, or make a number of other life changes. Not all employees give you enough time to find a replacement, so it’s important to have a backup plan so that your customers won’t suffer. 

If you have more than one team member, encourage them to develop new skills. Help them learn each other’s roles so they can step in when someone calls out sick or quits until you can find a replacement.

Find Flexible Office Space for Hiring Success!

Having a flexible office space is essential when you’re a solopreneur, but it’s even more important when you’re building a team. You want your new hires in close proximity, even if it’s only part-time, to build a solid culture that’s primed for growth. 

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