5 Tried-and-True Sources for Small Business Hiring


Looking for new employees? Many small businesses are right now. Millions of Americans are shuffling around between careers, trying on new pursuits and building small businesses of their own. The best ways to source candidates are through your professional network, by using hiring platforms for small business, or the use of a candidate sourcing company or HR manager. 

If hiring a third party recruiter isn’t your style, there are lots of different ways to source candidates and small business recruitment doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of great resources for finding small business employees. If you’re searching for people for hire, here are some of the best job posting sites for small business.

Source candidates from LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great place to recruit candidates for several reasons. First because it’s free to post, and you can already see a lot of your professional network. It’s a great place to use your network to find talent that suits your industry and work culture. You can vet employees right there on their pages, see their credentials and recent projects.

If you’re not a regular LinkedIn user, you’ll need to create an account for your business. You’ll also benefit from a new LinkedIn feature, the “open to work” indicator that professionals can affix to their profile images for clear communication of employment eligibility. Building a LinkedIn account even when you’re not actively recruiting new talent will add to your brand awareness online and let you stay up-to-date on trends in the job market. 

Small businesses hiring through Indeed.com

Indeed is a small business owner favorite when it comes to finding qualified candidates quickly. Like LinkedIn, it is free to post job listings on Indeed. This platform also gives you the option of filtering candidates for certain hiring criteria, and offering aptitude/competency tests to candidates before you review their resumes and applications. 

If you set up a paid professional account with Indeed, they’ll also provide you with lots of other great resources to aid in talent acquisition and the firing process. 

Ziprecruiter.com for small business hiring

Ziprecruiter acts as a liaison for small businesses who are looking for employees. Like Indeed and LinkedIn, you can set up a free account to browse hundreds of resumes. Once you’ve created your job post and description, Ziprecruiter uses its network of more than 100 job listing sites to get your job listing to reach a much broader audience. 

Ziprecruiter will scan thousands of resumes to proactively reach out to qualified candidates, encouraging them to apply. This way, instead of searching for your next employee, Ziprecruiter searches for the right talent for your role. 

Google for Jobs 

Google for Jobs is Google’s solution for the small business hiring need. If you’re wondering where to find employees, it’s pretty likely that no one has better connections in the digital world for candidate sourcing than the internet’s biggest, most powerful search engine and database. 

Google uses its powerful search engine ability to compile high-quality job listings in a single, searchable platform for job seekers. Properly setting up the metadata so that your job posting can be indexed through Google is important. Doing so will enable job seekers to find you through the tried-and-true search method that they know well and likely already use daily.


f you’re searching for entry-level talent or some fresh creativity on your team, Handshake can be a great solution. Handshake targets only university students and recent graduates across the United States to fill your role with candidates ready to put their education to work.  

If you’re ready and willing to offer up your industry experience to a novice candidate that wants to grow in their role and career, Handshake is the perfect end-to-end platform for sourcing, engaging, and hiring.

Hiring tips for small businesses

Today’s job seeker is different from their parents’ generations, so if you’re wondering how to source candidates, or overwhelmed by hiring employees for your small business in a digital world, we can help. 

Hiring employees for small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remember to be clear and concise about the role, responsibilities, company values, benefits, and pay rates. The modern job seeker is much more likely to skip over job listings that aren’t open about these details.

Local small businesses hiring can be tricky if you’re in a rural or isolated place, but hiring software for small business and online listing platforms can help you reach a much bigger audience. Even if you’re not near a major city, digital hiring platforms and transparent listings just might entice the right match to travel your way. 

Use the right adjectives to describe your business and the role. Many candidates today are driven by the values and culture of a business before they consider other aspects of the role. Avoid calling your business anything that it truly isn’t.