Cloud Telephony: How it can help your small business

By now you’re probably familiar with the “cloud” as an information management system that stores and allows you to use and access data outside of your hard drive. We’ve all experienced the benefits of a cloud system of information management when we migrate our media from our personal devices to be stored in “the cloud”. 

But what is cloud telephony, and how can cloud based telephony systems transform your business operations? Well, for starters, they give you the same great benefit of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) accessibility to your information when you need it, and not just when you’re anchored to your desk.

Migrating your business phone system to a cloud telephony system means that you’ll have access to your business phone number anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. There are lots of other benefits to a cloud telephony system for small businesses, so we’ll explain more about what cloudy telephony is, how cloud telephony solutions work, the benefits of cloud telephony, and how it can work for your small business. 

Cloud based communications: What is cloud telephony 

Cloud telephony, or cloud calling, works as a communication as a service (CaaS) mechanism that works similar to the SaaS (software as a service) products you might already be using for your small business. 

Cloud calling exports your communications to a cloud-based information system run by a third party supplier. It allows access to your communications tools no matter where you are, eliminating the need for a hardwired office phone line or use of your private cell phone for company business. 

Cloud telephony typically refers to the multi-user format of cloud calling, including all of those users in your network or employees on your staff, no matter where they are. Sometimes, users pay for access to the cloud calling database. Other times, entrepreneurs pay their staff to operate through the cloud calling system. 

The benefits of a small business cloud phone system

33 percent of companies report that they lost at least one customer due to business communication challenges in 2019, which means that our traditional hard-wired infrastructure for business communication isn’t stellar. 

Cloud calling allows the user to move away from hardware-based communications that frequently fail, and relies only on the user’s internet connection for an improved customer experience. Cloud telephony systems can be especially useful for employers whose employees frequently travel for work, or from different time zones across the globe. 

There are many other benefits of cloud telephony, including unified communications across your network, cost savings, greater efficiency in regular business processes, and advanced features like video conferencing and complete control of your sales team and business continuity. Some telephony services offer voice dialing, eliminating the need for manually dialing and creating greater accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Cloud telephony providers: where to look 

When searching for a cloud telephony provider, there are a few things to consider. Not all UCaaS telephony services are created equal, and not all use UCaaS. Some telephony platforms use VoIP technology, but not every VoIP service provider runs in the cloud.

When searching the internet for cloud telephony providers, consider your needs, scalability, and future business ambitions/goals. Many providers offer other conferencing tools to supplement the UCaaS, including virtual workspaces, messaging, and screen sharing.

Some cloud telephony providers include extensive analytics for you, like the time, duration, and location of calls, which helps you gauge both customer interest/behavior and employee performance. MyOperator is one such example.

Here’s a list of some of the most prominent UCaaS cloud telephony providers offering services today:

Your cloud based business phone system and the home office 

Are you a solopreneur or running your own business from home? A cloud based telephone service can be a great tool for protecting your privacy while legitimizing your business.

A CaaS business phone system can also help you better understand your potential clients and what digital marketing efforts are working for your business.  Cloud telephony services offer the safety and reliability of a phone service that won’t be sidelined by power outages or extreme weather near you. They also allow the business to scale and grow, so if you decide to add employees to your team, they’ll have access too.

If you already have a team and are directing that team from home, cloud telephony not only offers communication tools for clients, it provides a collaborative space for team communications as well.