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Co-working spaces for solopreneurs - the official guide

The global economy has shifted significantly over the past few years, with more and more people pursuing entrepreneurial goals and striking out on their own as business owners and freelancers. Small business ownership can be difficult, and is even more so if you’re a single individual trying to build your empire on your own. 

Coworking spaces can be great spaces for not only your physical accommodations, but for networking and engaging with other like-minded entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs, as well. The best coworking spaces can create an atmosphere of inspired creativity and comfortable collaboration when you’re ready to connect with your peers and create.

Should you become a solopreneur?

Our changing economy has inspired so many folks to pursue the careers and business ideas that they’re passionate about, and we’re here for it!

If you feel limited by your job and have a good idea for a business, solopreneurship might be for you. If you’re already a freelancer with multiple clients, it might be in your best interest to build a business through a cohesive online presence that allows potential clients to reach you. 

If you don’t mind multitasking, care more about the business than networking, and don’t intend to sell or hire employees anytime soon, you’ll probably do well as a solopreneur. 

Solopreneurs take on all aspects of managing their businesses, so the best candidates for solopreneurship are those that don’t mind taking on a large, diverse workload. You can nurture your solopreneur ideas in a collaborative, inspired environment where others are just invested in your success as you are. You might also get some useful feedback, ideas, and leads from the other entrepreneurs around you

Why collaborative workspaces are especially beneficial for solopreneurs 

Solopreneurs spend a lot of time investing in their businesses, and typically control all aspects of the business and its operations. This includes creative outputs like social media content, long form content, and other resources for their professional websites. The life of a solopreneur is work-oriented, hyper-productive, and sometimes isolated. 

Coworking spaces are great spaces for stimulating creativity through social interactions with like-minded go-getters. They can be great resources for business tools, platforms, and organizations that can elevate and lend credibility to your business. As a solopreneur, networking can be really important. Coworking spaces help you connect with other business owners, freelancers, and creators whose experiences you can learn from, unlike working in coffee shops or from your home office. 

As the sole manager of your business, you can benefit from an environment that is also stimulating, clean, and well-equipped with reliable internet connectivity and the tools you need to hold meetings with clients, vendors, or peers. The best coworking space for you might be one in which you can also rent private space or professional meeting rooms with the tools you need for a great presentation. Ask yourself, “am I limiting my business and creative potential by working strictly from home?”

Working from home when you’re working long hours can be exhausting and drain your creative energy. Changing your scenery can be the best way to reflect and restimulate your mind. 

How to find coworking space for rent near you

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Collaborative coworking spaces are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the country, partly because of the creative inspiration a new, well-equipped workspace creates. This is also partly because we’ve transitioned to a work culture that allows many more of us to work from home than ever before, and many remote workers, digital nomads,  business people, and freelancers enjoy the structure, safety, reliability, and cleanliness of a professional coworking space. 

Whether you’re a budding solopreneur, considering starting your first business, or well-established in your industry, coworking space for rent could help you elevate your professional image and productivity. Rent coworking space or a private office with a short-term lease today to see what all the buzz is about. Enjoy our coworking communities as well as our other services, like professional mail service with a formal business address, and fresh, hot coffee.