Get Inspired Again in a Corporate Atmosphere Without the NYC Commute

With so many changes to our work lives since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to see the difficulty in pinpointing just what it is remote workers miss about the office environment. Endless meetings? The 3:00 energy slump at our desks? The water cooler gossip?

One thing’s for sure, most of us are relieved to take a break from our daily commutes. While we all appreciate the New Jersey transit system, what we don’t love are the commute times, swaying back and forth for an hour next to sleepy strangers at 7am, and then again on the way home. Shorter commute times could mean more time with family, outdoors, or otherwise decompressing from the stress of the work day.

Luckily, we’ve nailed down what it is that made your corporate office space such a productive atmosphere. We’ve worked to build a collaborative culture of like-minded professionals without the distance or time commitments we may have had with our NYC office spaces. Imagine the time you can save not trekking it into Manhattan twice per day during rush hour, and what you can do for your business or your personal goals with that time. More importantly, imagine the collaborative possibilities of doers, problem solvers, and business adventurers in our inspired workspaces near you.

Here are just some of the ways a short or long-term office space rental can benefit the former New York City commuter:

A Physical Office Means Better Work-Life Balance

For remote workers, hosting and attending virtual meetings in the same spaces where we cook, eat, sleep and live can disturb our sleep and productivity schedules. Having a physical space to call your workspace is important for this reason, and others. 

Working from home is quickly becoming working from anywhere for so many people, partly due to the freedom and convenience to do so. Choosing a workspace that inspires and drives you also allows you to “switch gears” and turn off the workday when you leave. A shorter, car-free commute to such an inspired workspace can also mean more hours of sleep, fewer family time interruptions, and more time to ease into the new opportunities that each morning brings. For many, a physical office space close to home not only makes them more efficient and focused at work, but more grounded and balanced as well. 

Maintain Social Distancing By Holding Your Virtual Meetings In a Professional Space

Many business owners have been fortunate to reap the savings of employing remote workers, and some states, like Vermont, are paying remote workers up to $10,000 to relocate. Why, you ask? 

In Vermont’s case, they hope to replace an aging workforce with young remote employees who will continue to stimulate Vermont’s economic growth into the future. But many states and businesses have recognized the economic and public health value in paying a workforce to remain remote. While America’s employed population learns to navigate an almost completely virtual world, some entrepreneurs and driven professionals recognize the need for a more ergonomic and professionally designed space.

Want to impress your next client with the backdrop and calm of a private office? Our private offices for rent are near your home, near New York City, and far enough from both to increase your productivity, focus, and professionalism.

 Keep The Structure of Your Business Day With Half the Commute

Some employees and business owners are better able to manage time and meet goals within a structured schedule. Structuring your work-from-home life can be difficult, and for some, impossible. A private office rental or collaborative workspace near you can help you disengage with the distractions of home life and stick to the timeline that drives you to do your best. 

Facilitate Continuous Learning in a Collaborative Space

One of the greatest advantages of remote work is autonomy. But, what if autonomy isn’t helpful for you?

One common complaint among remote employees is the inability to connect with peers and colleagues for advice and collaboration. Sure, you can email your team members or even set up virtual meetings to collaborate. But one common situation many remote workers can relate to is the inability to swivel around in your chair and bounce an idea off of your peer, or the inability to quickly confer with your colleague over whether “warmest regards” is too quirky a sign off for a professional email. 

Office Evolution designs spaces that inspire for exactly this reason. Our collaborative atmosphere and coworking spaces for rent give you the community and professional network you miss from your NYC office space. Like-minded professionals are continuously teaching, learning and growing together at Office Evolution. 

Enjoy A No-Car Commute

Even though we might be cutting your commute time in half, the commute itself might not be much different. Our Clark, NJ location is conveniently located near the NJ transit station, as well as multiple restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers. Now you can save your commute time to work, and potentially reduce time spent on errands too with this car-free commute. 

Find Commercial Office Space That Suits any Budget and Need

Looking for a professional and quiet setting for your daily zoom meetings? Maybe you’d like to explore the collaborative potential of conscientious workers in a coworking space for rent near you. We offer meeting and conference room rentals for the former NYC commuter who wants to bring their team together in a more accessible, conveniently located space. 

 Reduce Carbon Emissions

The transportation sector is one of the biggest sources of human-created carbon emissions in the United States, and it’s no secret that the numbers of New York City commuters pre-Covid-19 pandemic were staggering. One benefit from putting the world on hold briefly in 2020 was that we were able to see the possibilities for reduced carbon emissions and other human-created pollution types. As we continue to assess the damages from climate change, including global pandemics, more of the workforce than ever is concerned about how they can help. Reducing commute times wherever possible, or using a bike commute for work could drastically affect environmental health over time. It’s all hands on deck for climate preservation right now, and if your new office space is half the distance to your old NYC office, why not?