Member Spotlight - Wanda Turini, ecofiles

Name: Wanda Toro Turini

Your position: Founder/ CEO

Company name: Bull’s Eye Innovations Corp, dba ecoFiles


Phone number: (908) 603-5401

Business address:  Office Evolution, 100 Walnut Avenue, Suite 210, Clark NJ 07066

Industry: Marketing Consulting & Software


Describe what your company does:

Our company has invented a proprietary texting platform that enables users to text for information and receive it in their email inboxes, instantly!  We initially called the platform ecoFiles because it was created to be an eco-friendly alternative to paper brochures, but the value of using ecoFiles has grown beyond saving trees.

 Today, we help healthcare companies deliver up-to-date disease and treatment education to patients and their families to ensure they get the best results from their medicine.

 In January, we are launching an exciting program for small business owners and experts, who share their knowledge, completely transform those speaking opportunities into LEAD GENERATING MACHINES. 

 If you share your expertise, text LEADS to 411321 to receive a guide on how to “Transform Your Talk Into A Lead Generating Machine” and future tips on making the most of every speaking engagement. (Plus you get to try out the technology!)

How many people does the company employ? 5

How long has it been in business? 14.5 years

Where is your office? Office Evolution in Clark

What prompted you to start your own business?

I left a rather lucrative position at a pharmaceutical company because I had the burning desire to contribute more to society.  I had tons of ideas, inventions, ways to do things better, and so I started Bull’s Eye Innovations as an incubator for those innovative ideas.  ecoFiles has the greatest potential, so recently we decided to “do business as” ecoFiles and commit to bringing this amazing solution to the masses.

 Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (whether general or specific) can you offer to the residents of your neighborhood?

My advice is to never give up on your dreams.  If you maintain a burning desire you will never fail because you will never stop until it is accomplished.  Escaping the status quo is not easy. Whether employee or employer, young or old…your next level is waiting for you.  Keep your eye on the carrot and never accept no for an answer.

Briefly tell us about your family:

I have an AMAZING husband, named Michael.  He married into my entrepreneurial lifestyle and has grown to be such an essential part of my growth.  He is also super smart, incredibly loving and rather handsome, I must say.  We have a beautiful 3 and half year old daughter named, Mila, who lights up our lives and is super excited to welcome her new baby brother in May of 2020!  The life of a visionary is not easy and having an amazing support system of family and friends is just a major blessing.


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