New Year, New Office!

The start of a new year brings new beginnings, new goals, a chance to start fresh and make changes to enhance our personal and professional lives. This year brings an incredible amount of change and new beginnings to my husband, Jose and I and our two daughters, ages 9 and 12: a brand new business and adjustments to our professional and personal lives that could be somewhat stressful, but also exhilarating and exciting.

This March our dream of owning a business to support other business owners and professionals by providing them a space to fulfill their own career ambitions is finally coming to fruition: the grand opening of Office Evolution-Clark, our new co-working and shared office space which promises to offer a warm, welcoming and collaborative professional environment from which to work. If you are feeling lonely or are growing out of working at your kitchen table, home office or local coffee shop, you may want to consider working in our co-working space.

There’s no doubt that co-working is a growing trend and a new way for millions of people worldwide to work. And the reasons for this trend are many. Here are just a few:


The biggest benefit of Co-working is the flexibility it affords you. We offer both short term (month to month) and long-term (one year-long) solutions, depending on your needs. And if your hours aren’t “standard business hours”, that’s okay, too, since you will have access to our space at any time, even when our business center manager is not on site.

Co-working provides financial and space flexibility by offering choices of a fully furnished day office space, dedicated desk, private offices/executive office suites, conference space and business meeting rooms, virtual office options, business services and more, for every type of budget and need. Not having a long-term (multiple year) lease means you can focus on your business and not be stressed about being locked in to a lease for the long term (over one year). You just bring your business and computer and we’ll do the rest.


Networking is imperative to startups, established businesses and individual professionals, alike. In our shared workspace, you’ll have networking and professional development options at your disposal every day with other like-minded professionals who are sharing or visiting the space.


Throughout the year, we will be hosting guest speakers, professional/personal development opportunities and networking events to help you create friendships, and to encourage a comfort level that is often not found in traditional offices, your home or local coffee shop.

Eliminate Home Distractions

There are some people who enjoy working from home. Many people, just like Jose and I, encounter tons of distractions such as tv, kids, pets, and errands. Working out of a shared space can create the happy medium between home and the bland cubicle office world.

Easily Accessible

When selecting a building and location for our space, we thought long and hard about our future members and their needs. We chose the 100 Walnut Ave location because of its ample on-site parking, close proximity to and visibility from the Garden State Parkway (just off exit 135 Westfield/Clark exit), the fact that it is under 10 min from 3 trains going to NYC (Rahway, Cranford and Westfield), and is close to downtowns Westfield and Cranford and is walking distance to the Clark Commons, all of which offer wonderful lifestyle, shopping and dining options for our members and their guests. We’re also close to the Newark Liberty International Airport, to hotels and are just 25 miles from the Lincoln Tunnel.

If you’re interested in making a change from your current situation and taking the plunge to move to a new, vibrant, professional and modern office environment (with plenty of coffee) that’s sure to impress your clients, come check us out! We’re scheduling pre-opening tours and would love to meet you. Why not make 2019 the year you decide to leave that home office, the coffee shop or your tired cubicle. It’s time to make the change!