Small Business Networking Organizations in New Jersey


Small business networking can be tricky, but the benefits of small business networking groups are abundant for everyone involved. Small business networking helps businesses connect and collaborate together, finding projects and initiatives that appeal to multiple interests, and to connect with investors and other business resources. 

If you’re a small business owner looking to engage with other business owners, or looking for potential business investment opportunities in NJ, networking groups can be a great place to start. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs with similar schedules, ambitions, and new ideas in an environment that allows you to be social and connect.

Why Take Advantage of Local Business Networking Groups?

Local business networking groups like business owners associations can help you make important professional connections. Depending on your personal and professional goals, connection opportunities might include non-profit organizations for community building initiative or small business grants, or with a new local vendor. 

New Jersey networking groups can also help small businesses connect with government agencies and resources, to help support employment efforts, community initiatives, public health initiatives, and business operations during difficult times. Business development networking events in NJ also connect entrepreneurs and professionals with research and potential candidates for employment from local universities and vocational schools. 

Small business networking groups offer a multitude of benefits. Here are some of the major ones:

The Big Benefits of Business Networking Organizations

  • Quality referrals from peers and professional recommenders
  • Relationship building with influential professionals in your area
  • Education and professional development opportunities 
  • Public visibility for your business 
  • Advice from like-minded thinkers about all aspects of business
  • New and helpful tools for business professionals
  • Invitations to more events, meetups, fundraisers and workshops 

New Jersey Networking Groups for Small Business Owners

New Jersey business associations can support the beginning, growth, and long-term success of all types of local businesses. Here’s a list of some local business development and networking groups in your area, and a bit about what they do.


  1. The South Jersey Business Association is a networking group working to provide support to local businesses through a network of members that both contribute to and learn from one another. This business networking group helps entrepreneurs build relationships with other entrepreneurs and respected community members, and offers industry-exclusive business listings to those within the group. 
  2. The New Jersey Business Action Center offers support through resources and further networking opportunities within the community and many New Jersey commissions.
  3. The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC) deliver high-impact business advisory services for small to mid-sized businesses. Their values embody the acronym GROWTH:
    Team-driven, and
  4. is a research database open to professionals in the NJ area who are looking for collaborative research opportunities and access to local research data. It’s also a great group for connecting with well-qualified professionals in the STEM fields.
  5. The Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County aim to inform, support and empower female business professionals in the New Jersey area. 

More Resources for Small Business Owners

While many more networking groups are offering support within the New Jersey area, sometimes the best way to connect with the network that suits your personal and professional needs is by checking local government websites. Websites like offer connection opportunities, resources, and information about business grants and support.

It’s also important to listen to what calls to your values and purpose as a business, and to seek out like-minded individuals with activities you like to do. If charity fundraising events or golf outings appeal to you, we encourage you to seek connection through local business functions of a similar nature. If volunteer work or community initiatives appeal to you, seek business connections with organizations who share those values.