What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Clark for Businesses?

If you run a home business in Union County, NJ, a mailbox rental in Clark is a great way to keep your home address private. It can also be used as a reception point for important parcels, and as a way to run a virtual office.

But if you want a mailbox rental for your small business, you’ll need to choose carefully. Depending on which type of mailbox you choose, certain features might not be available.

To help you find the best mailbox rental in Clark for your business, here’s a quick comparison of three popular options.

Other Mailbox Rentals in Clark, NJ


Pros: Renting a PO box covers the basic functions of a mailbox rental in Clark. It gives you somewhere to send business mail so that it stays separate from your personal mail. And it allows you to keep your home address private.

Cons: Your mailing address is instantly recognizable as a PO box to anyone who sees it. Also, the post office won’t accept parcels addressed to your business if they’re sent by private courier.

Private Postal Center

Pros: A mailbox at a private postal center fixes some of the issues that come with a PO box. For one, your mailbox will have an actual street address. For another, most private postal centers accept parcels from all private couriers.

Cons: While your mailing address won’t be a PO box number, it still poses problems. If someone looks up your address on Google, they’ll see that it belongs to a postal center. This also prevents you from operating a virtual office.

Renting a Mailbox at Office Evolution Westfield – Cranford – Clark

At Office Evolution® Westfield – Cranford – Clark, you can get a mailbox rental designed specifically for small business owners in Clark, Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, and Union County.

Unlike a PO box or a mailbox at a private postal center, we can provide a proper business address. Our mailbox addresses look just like our office addresses — perfect for marketing your business or running a virtual office.

We also offer onsite parcel reception services, so you don’t need to worry about missing important deliveries. What’s more, each of our mailbox rentals includes discounts on meeting room and day office rentals at our location.

Plus, you can always bundle your Business Address plan with other small business services at our location. This makes it more affordable to get live phone answering services or a coworking membership.

Need a mailbox rental in Clark, NJ? Call Office Evolution Westfield – Cranford – Clark at (908) 356-5300 today to learn more!

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