November Member Spotlight: Scott Sherman

Please share a bit about you. Are you a dreamer, risk-taker or doer?

 I’m a doer.  If I spend too much timing dreaming, I won’t do the things that need to get during the day.  When I was young, I wanted to be respected.  I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, and learned from my parents that earning respect is part and parcel of being successful.  It is hard to earn people’s respect if you don’t do the things you say you are going to do, or the things that they need you to do.  Bottom line: people expect you to get things done.


As fellow entrepreneurs, we would enjoy hearing about your business. 

 My professional title or label is ‘lawyer,’ but the real job is being a problem solver.  I mostly do injury law, and what my clients all have in common is that something unfortunate, through no fault of their own, was thrust upon them.  Their lives are upside down.  They need me to help undo what has been done, which is a journey that involves encountering problems that most people can’t solve themselves.  It is also a journey that most people don’t want to be on, so my job is to help them solve a series of problems in the most efficient way possible.  The best part of my job is when my client wins, because it means that we solved the problem and truly helped them.


You talk about helping people.  Many of our readers may be able to use your service. Who is your ideal client? 

 First, we do not try to help people who are looking to take advantage of their situation or become wealthy – not only is it unethical, but the justice system simply doesn’t work that way.  Our clients are realistic about the resolution to their problem, which often does not strictly involve financial compensation. Our clients have a real need and have demonstrated medical issues resulting from an event.  Our clients also know they have a long road ahead, and are fully participating in their own physical recovery.  If someone you know checks all of those boxes, we can help them through the process.


Would you share some top tips for success with our readers?

 I look to professional athletes when I think about success.  In sports, the best athletes are the hardest working.  Being talented is not enough, and the work ethic of players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan demonstrate that is the case.  As I mentioned, my parents were entrepreneurs and I grew up in the restaurant business.  They worked all of the time, and I do the same thing.  I think all successful entrepreneurs have a borderline unhealthy work ethic. 


How has Office Evolution helped your business?


Also, having access to a place outside the normal 9 to 5 is a big deal – nights and weekends are the reality of a committed professional.  I would also say that when our clients come to the office, they are treated respectfully and professionally, which goes a long way in calming their nerves and any hesitations they may have.  The busines center has a professional presentation and environment, and I am a stickler for consistency.  And I think we have the same entrepreneurial goals: Jon and Mary are doers like me.