September Member Spotlight: CMC Marketing

Please share a bit about you. Are you a dreamer, risk-taker or doer?

Sure, but first I’d like to thank Anthony Dudley with MercyOne Home Health Care for nominating me for this month’s spotlight! 

To answer the question, I think most entrepreneurs are a good mix of dreamer, risk taker, and doer.  If I had to pick just one, however, I would say that I am predominantly a doer.  I am constantly working on something – a new bit of copy, a new idea, or new project for a client.  And I have a busy life outside of the office that involves a lot of doing, too.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would enjoy hearing about your business. 

Although my office is located within Office Evolution Clayton, which I own and operate with my wife Mary, my day-to-day responsibilities are with CMC Marketing.  The company started in 2011 as Consult Mission Critical, which I started to provide design consulting services into the data center market.  Along the way, however, I realized I was getting more phone calls from people about marketing projects – and having more fun doing them, too.  So like a lot of entrepreneurs, I saw a need and shifted gears.  I haven’t looked back since.  

Many of our readers may be able to use your product/service. Would you please describe your ideal customer/client? 

My company provides a lot of marketing services, from web and digital advertising to producing brochures and other collateral like power point presentations and videos.  I have a lot of experience in creating B2B marketing campaigns and then pulling all of the pieces together, whether it be copy, design, digital marketing elements, or the strategy that makes it all work.  Our ideal client is someone who needs help with one part of their marketing plan, or someone who needs help putting that plan together. 

Would you share some top tips for success with our readers?

I would say that success comes with your ability to apply dreaming, risk-taking, and doing.  You’ve got to be excited about what you do and have fun doing it – it really has to start there.  My weekly update with one of my clients always starts with, “the marketing team had a great week because we get to do all the fun stuff.”  It is critical to experience joy in your work – success seems to follow.

How has Office Evolution helped your business?

Office Evolution works very hard to be the very best at what they do, and I get a lot of inspiration from their marketing team.  I like the way they think, the way they work, and the way they always place members in the spotlight, or at the forefront.  In fact, my wife Mary and I joined as franchisees in 2019 because we believe in their values-driven business model.  I learn a lot about marketing from the OE team, and I can bring that back to my customers. 

Who would you nominate as the next “OE Dreamer, Risk-taker, or Doer”?

I would like to nominate Scott Sherman for the next interview.  He runs an interesting legal practice and is a longtime member at Office Evolution.  So Scott, you’re on!