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What is a Flex Office?

A Flex Office is a private office you can book by the hour on your terms, sort of like fractional ownership of a corporate jet.   A Flex Office allows you to use a private office space without the expense and commitment of a traditional office space lease or agreement.  Flex Office space is great for those who are working from home but need a change, a quiet space to focus, or a more professional presence for videoconferencing or interviews.  Flex Office is also a great solution for those who need a private office, but don’t need one on a full-time basis or are not sure what the future holds.

Flex offices are found in shared office or coworking business locations like Office Evolution Clayton St. Louis.  Shared office spaces are more popular in the wake of the pandemic, and offer the displaced workforce flexible terms, supportive staff, and the ability to get services on a month-to-month basis while the economy continues to sort itself out.

Operating on a month-to-month basis can give you a sense of peace.  It is a stress-free way to get back to normal without the burden of longer-term contracts.  Office Evolution Clayton St. Louis has agreements that give you the ability to cancel with a thirty-day notice, instead of having to commit to a longer agreement. It also gives you a rate your budget can accommodate.

Another great aspect of having a Flex Office in a coworking center is the ability to rent conference rooms when you need to hold meetings or seminars for your business. You get the best of both worlds with a flex office: 24/7 access to your office space, plus conference rooms available when you need to use them to wow clients during bigger meetings. And if you decide to step up to a private office plan, you automatically get credit to rent meeting rooms each month.

Most importantly, a Flex Office comes with a supportive community.  Working around other professionals in the same field or in different industries naturally creates networking opportunities.  The prospect of finding potential clients, referrals and partnerships where you work is real.  A Flex Office can not only help increase revenue, but contacts and confidence as well.  The community at Office Evolution Clayton St. Louis is rooted in our core value of Ohana, where everyone is treated as family and the staff proactively helps your business thrive and grow.

A Flex Office is a great way to try out a private office plan without the commitment.  And just like having your own office, a Flex Office can give you access to secure, high speed internet and WiFi in a private, well-appointed space.  In other words, a ‘flex office’ comes with the services and amenities that a standard private office affords.

To learn more about Flex Office space, contact Office Evolution Clayton for details on pricing and plans.