5 Steps to the Perfect Boardroom Rental in Easton Town Center Columbus

Meetings in midtown Columbus, OH are hard to host if you don’t have access to a proper meeting space. Whether you’re visiting Columbus on business, based out of a home office, or working from a small office, hosting a meeting in midtown will require a boardroom rental.

The good news? Great boardrooms are readily available in midtown Columbus. The bad news? They can be tough to find if you’re not sure where to look or what to look for.

So if you’re looking for a meeting space in northeast Columbus, but you’re not sure how to find a space suited to your needs, here’s a simple five-step method for finding a great conference room rental.

How to Find Your Ideal Boardroom for Rent

  1. Start by focusing on location. A meeting room can earn high marks for its price point, design, and functionality, but if it’s inconveniently located, it will still be a dud. Make travel simpler and quicker for meeting participants by choosing a space that’s easily accessible from major roadways like I-270 and Route 3.
  2. Think carefully about meeting room design. Size, layout, and other design factors can influence the suitability of a conference room rental. Make sure you have enough square footage for everyone you’re planning to host, with a layout conducive to your meeting goals. Also check for features that enhance productivity in meetings, like ergonomic furniture and good lighting.
  3. Check for any equipment you might need. Want to run a brainstorming session on a whiteboard? Have a PowerPoint presentation you’re planning to make? Need teleconferencing capabilities for remote meeting participants? These activities all require specialized equipment, so make sure you have access to any materials you’ll need for your meeting.
  4. Make sure you’ve got on-site support. If you run into issues in the middle of a meeting, it’s tough to find a solution if you’re unfamiliar with the space. So check that the space you’re renting has on-site staff to help you set-up your meeting and troubleshoot any issues you may run into.
  5. Compare added services and amenities. Once you’ve found a space that meets your needs in the four above areas, check what other services and amenities come with their rentals. Features like front desk reception or complimentary hot beverages can prove invaluable, helping you focus on running a great meeting and allowing your guests to feel comfortable in your chosen space.

Boardrooms at Office Evolution Easton Columbus

Want an even easier way to find a great boardroom rental in midtown? All you need to do is contact Office Evolution® Easton Columbus. Our boardroom rentals in Columbus’s popular Easton Town Center offer everything local small business owners and out-of-town professionals need from a rented meeting space.

We have three different meeting rooms available for rent, accommodating up to sixteen people in our largest space. Our rentals include extensive on-site support, access to meeting equipment, staffed reception services, and free coffee and tea for participants. Whether you’re hosting a one-on-one meeting with an important client, convening for a meeting with other members of your board, or running a training session for a larger group, we offer everything you need for a successful meeting.

For more information on our boardroom bookings, contact Office Evolution Easton Columbus at 614-944-5191 today.