Enjoy the Perks of an Executive Office in Midtown Columbus

As a small business owner in Columbus, you’re constantly looking for ways to optimize your personal productivity and amplify your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to upgrade your workspace. An executive office suite will allow you to accomplish more on a day-to-day basis, and it will project a more capable and confident image to potential clients and investors.

Here at Office Evolution® Easton Columbus OH, our executive office suites and business suites are the perfect workspace for budding startups, full-fledged solopreneurs, and office-based small businesses. Situated in one of Ohio’s most dynamic coworking communities, our executive office rentals give you the space you need to work smarter and build a stronger business.

The Perks of Executive Office Suites

Until recently, running a small business meant coping with small business limitations. Cloud computing, mobile technologies, and the rise of coworking spaces have broken down those limitations, narrowing the gap between small businesses and larger companies.

Modern executive office suites — like those available at Office Evolution Easton Columbus — are a perfect example of how the playing field has been leveled. Based in shared work environments, these suites offer the privacy and functionality of a dedicated office, but with the community benefits and shared resources of coworking spaces.

This hybrid environment is uniquely well-suited to small business operations. By renting an executive office suite in a coworking space, small businesses can enjoy big business functionality and project a big business presence, while maintaining a small business budget. Even better, office suites and business suites in coworking spaces are often available on month-to-month agreements, giving small businesses the flexibility they need to compete in today’s fast-paced economy.

At Office Evolution Easton Columbus, for example, an executive office suite or business suite comes with all of the following features and amenities:

  • Pre-furnished, ergonomic workspace.
  • High-speed ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Dedicated phone line and phone answering services.
  • Business address plan and parcel reception services.
  • Access to conference rooms and meeting equipment.
  • Free coffee and tea throughout the workday.
  • Use of office kitchen and community office equipment.
  • 24/7 access to Office Evolution coworking spaces in Columbus and nationwide.
  • Responsive onsite support from our Business Center Manager.

Based in midtown Columbus’s popular Easton Town Center, our workspace has become a magnet for startups, solopreneurs, and forward-thinking small businesses from all different backgrounds. Whether you’re making the leap from a home office, looking for an upgrade on your current office rental, or searching for a launchpad for your latest business venture, we have a workspace solution suited to your needs. Simply give us a call or pay us a visit to find the right space for your needs.

Contact us at (614) 944-5191 for detailed information on our executive office suites and to learn more about working at Office Evolution Easton Columbus.

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