Rent Mailbox Space in Columbus for Your Small Business

Do you operate a home-based small business in the Columbus OH metro area? If so, you might want to think about renting mailbox space at Office Evolution® Columbus – Easton Town Center. This way, you’ll have a private mailbox for your business, a dedicated local address, and the use of our parcel reception services.

Taken together, these features have a wide range of benefits for home business owners. You’ll enjoy greater privacy, added security, and marketing benefits. You’ll also enjoy a more polished professional image, boosting your reputation with existing and potential clients.

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to save big on additional features and services. By choosing a Professional Plan or a Professional Plan Plus, you can bundle your rental with a coworking membership or our live phone answering services. These services are ideal for work-from-home entrepreneurs, giving you cost-effective access to the resources you need when operating a virtual office.

Why Rent a Business Mailbox for Your Home Business?

There are numerous benefits to renting a business mailbox if you operate a home-based business. Here are five of the biggest advantages that you can expect if you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Easton Columbus…

Increased Privacy. Operating a business from your home address can be an issue for you and your family, since your address will be readily available to others. By renting a business mailbox, you’ll have a dedicated business address that you can use instead.

Convenient Deliveries. If you’re waiting around all day for an important delivery, you’ll end up wasting valuable time. Our parcel reception services solve this problem. We will sign for, receive, and store any incoming parcels for later pick up.

Online Marketing. Marketing a home-based business can be difficult online, as many websites won’t let you register your business without a commercial mailing address. When you rent a mailbox at Office Evolution Easton Columbus, you’ll get a dedicated address that you can use for online marketing.

Secure Communications. Business communications shouldn’t be vulnerable to prying eyes and sticky fingers. Our mailbox rentals are located in a secure area, with each unit protected by lock and key, ensuring the security of your mail.

Professional Branding. When branding your business, a residential mailing address can send the wrong message. A business mailbox and address rental allows you to operate as if you have a dedicated office, which will leave a stronger impression on existing and potential clients.

The advantages we’ve listed above aren’t the only ones you’ll enjoy when you rent a mailbox at Office Evolution Easton Columbus-Easton Town Center. We offer affordable, flexible rental agreements, so you can rent mailbox units according to your needs and budget.

We also offer professional service bundles, which give small business owners deep discounts on some of our most popular professional solutions. On a Professional Plan, you can rent mailbox space while enjoying 24/7 access to our coworking space in midtown Columbus OH. A Professional Plan Plus offers even better value thanks to the inclusion of our live phone answering service, a great resource for anyone operating a home business.

Learn more about how to rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Columbus – Easton Town Center by calling us today at 614-944-5191!

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