A Piece of the Pie

Easton Columbus Coworking & Shared Workspace for Rent

Our Easton shared workspaces are more than a room with multiple desks and chairs. The sole purpose may be to get work done in a shared space but the quality of work you produce is impacted by the culture of a coworking space. Our 24-hour shared workspace in Easton is a place to learn the in’s and out’s of other business, observe techniques that are producing growth and success for others, and pick up useful skills from those around you. A coworking space in Easton offers you a whole world of opportunity to utilize outside resources as means of developing your business.

Easton shared workspaces run on month-to-month leases, so stay only as long as a coworking environment is benefitting you. While you’re here, enjoy our special events for the holidays, Super Bowl or Cinco de Mayo, or take part in monthly networking meetings.