5 Home Office Problems Solved by an Office Rental in Columbus

Office Evolution | August 25th, 2017

Office rental space of Office Evolution Columbus (Easton Town Center)

Has your home office transformed from a productive workspace into a liability? It’s a problem that many small business owners in Columbus run into, and it’s one that’s usually solved with an office rental. If your home office has put a ceiling on your productivity and profitability, you may need an office rental to grow — or even just to stay competitive — in Columbus’s fast-moving market.

Is Your Home Office Slowing You Down?

As many benefits as working from home has to offer, it also comes with drawbacks. When you were starting your business, those drawbacks were manageable. Now that you’ve grown, they may be holding you back. But how can you tell when it’s time to ditch your home office and start looking for an office rental in Columbus?

Here are five of the biggest problem areas faced by Columbus’s small business owners when working from a home office:

  1. Distractions Impacting Productivity. A third of entrepreneurs who work from home offices struggle with family distractions, and four in ten report trouble with time management. You might find you’re only achieving 80% of your goals, even when working 50+ hours a week.
  2. Too Many Small Responsibilities. In a home office, you run and staff every department. That includes mail sorting, parcel reception, phone answering, and janitorial services. These add up, and become a big issue when you’re trying to make more time for revenue-generating work.
  3. Isolation from Professional Networks. You can’t network with potential clients when the furthest you stray from home is your mailbox. Even well-connected professionals can lose touch with Columbus’s business community when they isolate themselves in a home office.
  4. Lack of Basic Office Infrastructure. No matter how well you’ve designed your home office, there’s some office infrastructure you just can’t bring home. An office rental can give you access to more space, better equipment, dedicated meeting areas, and other key resources.
  5. Eroding Work-Life Boundaries. You used to love working from home. But as your responsibilities and work hours have grown, it now feels more like you’re living at work. Now you need your work-life balance back — for your sake, for your family’s, and for your business’s.

Office Rentals in Columbus’s Easton Town Center

Ready to move up from your home office? Looking for an office rental in midtown Columbus, OH? Look no further than Office Evolution® Columbus (Easton Town Center). Our Private Office rentals offer:

  • Private, professionally designed office spaces offer the perfect space for productivity.
  • Offices come fully-furnished with key office equipment and infrastructure ready for use.
  • Access to meeting rooms and co-working space conducive to client meetings and teamwork.
  • Mail management, phone answering, and staffed reception services help limit low-priority tasks.
  • Highly-sought, amenity-rich location in Easton Town Center of Columbus, OH.

Make the move to Easton! Call Office Evolution Columbus (Easton Town Center) at 614-944-5191 today for information on our available office rentals.