4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in Worthington

There’s never been a more interesting time — or a better one — to rent a small office in Worthington OH. The modern workplace has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, and that’s led to big changes in Worthington’s small office rental market.

While there’s still plenty of traditional office space available for rent, new and innovative workspace solutions are becoming easier to find in Worthington and other parts of the Columbus metro area. These include coworking spaces, virtual office services, and new options for small office rentals.

Find Your Ideal Small Office Rental

These new options have reshaped the way local small businesses approach rented office space. Small business owners, independent professionals, and solopreneurs finally have access to the flexibility and functionality they need from a workspace. Here are four ways that you can take advantage of these changes to find a great small office rental in the Worthington area.

  1. Square Footage vs. Shared Footage. A small office rental has limited square footage by definition. But if you rent an office in a shared work environment, you’ve just expanded the boundaries of your workspace. Shared work environments offer access to community equipment and areas, including coworking spaces, break areas, and meeting rooms. Best of all, the costs of these amenities are shared, keeping rentals affordable.
  2. Flexible Rental Agreements. In today’s fast-shifting economy, adaptability is key. That’s made small businesses wary of long-term agreements when renting office space. Newer office rentals have made it easy to find flexible small office space, with leases offered on both long-term and month-to-month agreements.
  3. Professional Service Packages. A number of small office rentals now include professional services. Popular options include live front desk and phone reception services, mail management, and rent-inclusive ethernet and/or Wi-Fi. These services are especially popular with solopreneurs and small business owners who lack the support staff of larger competitors.
  4. The Power of Community. Here’s another reason you might want to rent an office in a shared workspace. Studies have found that shared workspaces lead professionals to thrive at much higher levels than workers in traditional offices. These spaces bring professionals from all different backgrounds together, making them some of the most dynamic, innovative, and collaborative workspaces around.

Small Office Rentals in Worthington

At Office Evolution® Worthington, we offer a range of innovative workspace options for entrepreneurs and professionals in the north Columbus metro area. Our workspace solutions include a range of small office rentals, which come with all of the features you need when renting a small office.

Located at the intersection of I-270 and Route 23, we are ideally located for professionals and businesses based in Worthington, Westerville, or Lewis Center. All of our offices are professionally outfitted and fully furnished, and come with all of the features and services you need to hit the ground running.

Call 614-985-3600 today to learn more about small office rentals at Office Evolution Worthington.

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