How I Made My Home Office the Most Productive Work Space

These simple additions can make your home office more comfortable and boost your creativity and productivity.

Since I got away from the office a few years ago, I’ve never looked back. There can be no two opinions about it: working from home is awesome. You start and stop when you feel you are most productive, you can take breaks whenever you want, you can spread your working time throughout the day or the week… And one of the best things about it is that you can furnish and supply your home office in any way you want. So, let me share my story and show what you can add to your personal workplace to make your every hour as productive as possible.

Coffee Machine

I’ve never liked that radioactive waste that passed for coffee in the office I worked in. Curiously enough, changing the place of work didn’t help; it seemed as if it came from the same reactor. That’s why the first thing I did after starting to work from home was to take matters into my hands and by my own coffee machine. It certainly turned out to be one of the best investments I ever did, for now, I can drink excellent coffee whenever I feel like it.

Water Cooler

They say that to maintain one’s health you should drink at least 2 liters of water every day, and I always treated that idea fairly seriously. In the office, there is always a water cooler nearby but at home one usually has to do with bottled water, which can be a real pain to manage. One should buy more regularly, empty bottles tend to accumulate, so in the end, I decided to make my home office a real office and bought a water cooler to always have a glass of cool and clear water at hand.

Sports Equipment

We all know that sitting in front of a computer screen all day long is hardly the healthiest pastime – which is why most productivity experts recommend you take regular breaks and preferably fill them with some physical activity. At first, I tried going for a jog around the block, but it took too long and wasn’t very pleasant anyway (I don’t happen to like to breathe in exhaust fumes). The problem was easily solved by buying some sports equipment. I became particularly partial to a rowing machine since it gives me a full body workout, is as useful for cardio as a treadmill and builds up strength as well.


I always preferred my thinking to be visual, and a whiteboard became a natural step immediately after I left office. These things were used in some of my previous places of work, but it is one thing to have one in the background and to have one all to yourself. I use mine to quickly jot down ideas and represent the same ideas in graphic form to always have the results in sight. I find that it boosts my ability to find creative solutions to problems.

Office Chair

In the office, you should do with what chair your employer happens to provide – and it is usually something cheap and uncomfortable. So much so that after quitting office I thought about getting a standing desk but decided against it eventually. It took me a while to find a chair that would completely satisfy me, but this carefully selected specimen proved to be really helpful: it was immediately obvious that I feel fresh and well-rested even after the entire day of work.

Your working environment significantly influences your output and your personal condition – which is why you should use every opportunity provided by the fact that you work at home to make this environment as comfortable, convenient and functional as possible. I hope that my personal story will give you a few ideas on how to go about it.

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