How to Find the Ideal Shared Workspace

If you find working from home a struggle, a shared workspace could be the answer. Here’s 8 top tips on how to find the perfect shared space.

For some freelancers, working from home can be stifling. The distraction of the washing in the corner, lack of spontaneous human interaction, absence of ad-hoc afternoon drinks, and blurred boundaries between work and play, can wreak havoc with creative output.

A shared workspace could be the answer. But with so many options out there, from self-contained studio with communal areas, to a desk within an agency, a creative incubator or a co-working set-up, it’s difficult to know where to start looking, and what to look for.

So, if you’re fed up with sketching in the kitchen or brainstorming in the local cafe, take in these top tips on how to find the perfect shared workspace.

First things first: Is a shared space for you?

Some people thrive on solitude, having their own space, and being able to go from bed to computer in one small step. However, if you need people to bounce ideas off, or to vent to, sharing a space could be ideal for you and help you connect with others that like sharing ideas.

Put yourself out there

There is not shortage of advertised shared workspaces. Tap into social media to find out about what’s available in your preferred location. Just a cursory Google search brings up a host of options, from converted factories to traditional office buildings.

Location, location, location, as they say

As with any bog-standard property search, location is a crucial factor when looking for the perfect working space. Ideally, the location should be convenient for you and potential clients, so consider how long your commute would take, and how quickly you can get around town for meetings.

Security is another aspect worth taking into account. Check out the local area and gauge what security a building has on-site. And don’t forget to scope the area for after-hours.

The costs of sharing

Costs of shared spaces can vary significantly, so your budget will invariably play a role in finding the perfect spot. You should always weigh up the benefits you can expect from a space versus the rent charged.

Determine what type of workspace is suited for your business. Are meeting and quiet spaces from where you can ring clients, and offers business support to its tenants at extra cost important?. It’s also worth getting a sense of what the landlord looks for in new tenants. Some have no criteria, while others look for specifics.

Bare bones or added extras?

A basic level of facilities, such as wi-fi, kitchen areas and storage are usually a given, although some places offer just the literal desk. Make sure you research potential hidden costs too, such as business or electricity rates on top of the advertised rent.

You should also always compare what spaces are offering to justify costs, and what added extras you are getting access to.

What’s the vibe?

Try to get the sense of a potential location before you commit. Nothing beats just walking round the space and meeting people. You will be able to get a sense of a place quite quickly – whether it’s a bustling office, or a heads-down, headphones-on quiet space – so be sure to tune into your first impressions.

Don’t stick to what you know

Working alongside people from other disciplines provides a great chance for unexpected opportunities and collaborations. If you’re working alongside completely different disciplines, that’s where often the ideas come from.

Getting outside your discipline and learning from other areas by just walking down the hallway and turning the coffee on, you bump into someone, and pick up little pointers every single day.

Meeting the perfect match

Finding the perfect shared workspace is more like than Rightmove – after all, it’s the people you will be working alongside that can potentially make all the difference to your work place well-being.

You might just want a place away from home to focus, but if you’re looking for potential partners, collaborators or something more specific, take a good look at who you will be working alongside. Try to get a chat with them when you visit the space for the first time. Do it right, and it will be the start of a beautiful match.

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