Office Rental in Worthington: 5 Clues It's Time to Upgrade Your Home Office

Is your home office keeping up with your small business? If not, it may be time to make the transition to an office rental. At Office Evolution® Worthington, we’re more than familiar with the obstacles home offices create for work-from-home professionals. Home offices can create problems for growing small businesses — problems that could be solved by moving to office rental.

Home Office: Benefits and Drawbacks

When starting a small business, a home office is a budget friendly option. But as your business expands, the low costs of a home office come at the price of limitations to business growth. You may struggle to attract new clients, lack the resources needed to scale your operations, or find yourself unable to increase your revenue-generating hours. At that point, an office rental in Worthington may be the answer.

Unsure if an office rental is right for your growing business? These five home office red flags could mean it’s time to bring your business to Office Evolution Worthington.

  1. You’re Distracted by Home and Family. Even if distractions only impact 10% of your workday, that’s a big chunk of your workweek where you aren’t as productive as you could be. Increasing your productivity may require moving to a space where these distractions aren’t an issue.
  2. You Spend Too Much Time on Small Tasks. You home office has a staff of one. That means all the small jobs — from answering phones to cleaning — fall in your lap. If you need time for high-priority work items, you may need an office rental that can relieve you of these tasks.
  3. You’ve Thrown Off Your Work-Life Balance. As your business demands more and more of your time, it can start to take over your personal life. That’s a much bigger risk when working from home, where professional and personal boundaries can become blurred.
  4. You Struggle Attracting New Clientele. Going after bigger contracts and bigger clients is often difficult from a home office. An office rental not only bolsters your professional image, it also creates networking opportunities that weren’t there when working from home.
  5. Your Office Desperately Needs an Update. You designed your home office for a smaller business, and now you need more space and better infrastructure. An office rental offers both. Just as important, it also means you aren’t slowing down your business as you renovate.

Private Office Rental in Worthington, OH

If your home office is putting up roadblocks for your small business, a Private Office rental at Office Evolution Worthington can open up new avenues for your success. Located in Worthington’s Crosswoods neighborhood, our office rentals offer:

  • Distraction-free, dedicated offices with the privacy and resources that allow you to focus on your business.
  • Mail management, phone answering, and reception services to limit interruptions.
  • All offices are attractively furnished, with essential infrastructure already in place.
  • Access to community office equipment, co-working space, and by-the-hour conference rooms.
  • Close to local amenities, including restaurants, hotels, and Marcus Crosswoods Theater.
  • Located just off I-270 and 23, with ease-of-access to Westerville, Lewis Center, and Columbus.

Get more information about office rentals at Office Evolution Worthington by calling us at 614-985-3600 today.