Rent Mailbox Space in Worthington for Your Small Business

Thanks to new technologies and innovative business solutions, it’s now easier than ever to operate a virtual office in Worthington OH. Cloud computing allows entrepreneurs to hot-desk or work from home, while business centers like Office Evolution®Worthington allow you to rent mailbox space and a professional mailing address. This way, you can give the impression of an office-based business, but at a fraction of the operating costs.

When you rent a mailbox at Office Evolution Worthington, you and your business will benefit in a range of important ways. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to save big on professional services at our business center, allowing you to run a more functional and cost-effective virtual office.

On the fence about whether to rent mailbox space for your small business in Worthington? Here’s a closer look at nine potential benefits of a business mailbox rental…

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution Worthington?

Protect Yourself. Unsecure mail can leave you and your business vulnerable to criminal activity. At Office Evolution Worthington, we rent private mailbox units in a secure setting, with each mailbox protected by lock and key.

Travel Freely. Our business mailboxes and parcel reception services are an ideal solution for traveling professionals, giving you a convenient mail solution for times when you’re away from home.

Online Marketing. Online marketing can be difficult with a home business, as many websites will block or punish your business for using a residential address. A business address solves this problem.

Convenient Deliveries. Nobody wants to waste their day waiting around the house for an important delivery. Our parcel reception services are a convenient alternative: we receive, sign for, and store your parcels until you’re ready to pick them up.

Professional Branding. A residential mailing address can lead potential clients or customers to underestimate your business. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Worthington, you can boost your brand with a proper professional address.

Personal Privacy. Most business owners don’t want customers learning their residential address. Protect your privacy by renting a separate, dedicated address for your business.

Affordable Pricing. At Office Evolution Worthington, we rent mailbox units at affordable, small-business-friendly pricing, with plans starting as low as $79/month.

Flexible Agreements. If you’re not ready to rent a business mailbox long-term, you can opt for a month-to-month mailbox rental at our business center

Professional Solutions. Entrepreneurs who rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Worthington have the chance to bundle their rental with other services, leading to big savings on some of our most popular features and services, including coworking memberships and live phone answering plans.

Business mailbox rentals at Office Evolution Worthington are ideal for entrepreneurs in the Worthington OH area, including Westerville, Lewis Center, and other nearby areas in metro Columbus. Call 614-985-3600 today to get started!

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