Shared Office in Worthington: Affordability Meets Functionality

Your workspace is like any other business investment, with costs weighed against returns. But if you’re on a smaller budget, you might have trouble finding high-quality workspace at a budget-friendly price point. In this situation, it’s a good idea to consider joining a shared office, like Office Evolution® Worthington OH.

Shared office space strikes the perfect balance between affordability and functionality, making shared workspace ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and bootstrapping startups. At Office Evolution Worthington, we also provide private office rentals in a shared workspace setting, perfect for solopreneurs, independent professional service providers, and smaller businesses.

Why Shared Office Space is More Cost Effective

Finding cost-effective workspace can be difficult on a smaller budget. A small office rental is cost-prohibitive for most self-employed professionals, while the alternatives — a home office, working from coffee shops — tend to be less-than-ideal workspaces.

Shared office centers like Office Evolution Worthington bridge this divide. The shared workspace model reduces the cost of high-quality workspace by distributing the costs of shared work areas and professional resources. This way, self-employed workers and remote workers can enjoy the cost-efficiencies of a larger workspace, without the drawbacks of working in a typical office.

At Office Evolution Worthington, our basic coworking plans cost less than a cappuccino-a-day, making a shared workspace membership more affordable than working from your local coffee shop. More importantly, our shared office memberships include a range of professional amenities. These include complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, 24/7 access to our workspace, and discounts on meeting rooms and professional services at our location.

Affordable Private Office Rentals in Worthington OH

The cost-efficiencies of a shared office aren’t limited to coworking. Shared work environments are just as budget-friendly for professionals in need of private office space. At Office Evolution Worthington, our private office rentals offer exceptional on-the-dollar value. Our work center has 58 private offices of varying sizes and configurations, offered at highly competitive prices.

Thanks to our shared workspace setup, our office rentals give you much more than simply four walls and a door. Every rental comes fully furnished and ready for use, and includes an unbeatable mix of professional resources and amenities, these include:

  • All-inclusive utilities, including phone and high-speed internet
  • Live telephone answering and call forwarding services
  • Parcel reception and mail management services
  • Discounts on meeting room, conference room, and day office rentals
  • Nationwide access to 70+ Office Evolution shared workspace locations
  • Free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee and tea for you and any guests

Learn more about the advantages of our shared office with a visit to Office Evolution Worthington! Located at the Crosswoods in North Columbus OH, our space is perfectly located for professionals in Worthington, Westerville, Lewis Center, and other nearby areas. Call (614) 985-3600 to learn more and book a tour of our space.

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