Customize Your Flexible Workspace and Get Exactly What You Need

Flexible-space operators cater to a wide range of professionals with widely varying needs, so whatever special requests you have you’ll likely find a solution at your local flex-space provider.

  • Do you have a need for greater security? Flex-space operators like Office Evolution can accommodate firewalls and ISP gateways in our IT stack, we provide you – and only you – physical keys to your private office and your mailbox, and we have building security in many of our locations, so you, your possessions, and your data can always stay safe and secure.

  • Do you need document services? Office Evolution offers notary services and document witnessing, and we can even be designated as a signer for served notices via Form 1583.

  • Do you or your clients need special services? Office Evolution can provide special furniture and furnishings, like soft seating for therapists and extra desks or chairs to create a team office, and we can even empty your private office if you have your own furniture. We will greet your guests however you direct, and we can handle your mail the way you want if you have nonstandard requirements like scanning or screening it too.

  • Is your business seasonal? You can have month-to-month flexibility – keep an office for one month, two months, or however long you need it, then end your agreement until you need it again.

And of course your private office is yours to decorate and furnish as you see fit too. So stop by your local flexible-space provider to see how you can run your business exactly the way you want!