Downsize Your Office & Grow Your Business With Office Evolution

Are you considering downsizing your current office because so many employees are working from home? If you are like most professionals and businesses, you want to consider how much space do you really need to “right-size” your office and reduce overhead costs.

At Office Evolution, I often speak to business owners and professionals who are deciding whether they should renew the lease of their existing space. Here are a few things to consider as you reevaluate your traditional office space:


How Do You Use Your Space?

There are many benefits to having the right physical location:

· Effective workspace – Is your current space rows of empty cubicles, offices or team rooms and what you really need are a few workstations and a meeting room?

· Hiring & Training – Even if your employees are out on the road or working from home, where do you hire, train, or have meetings that enhance your company culture?

· Support – It can be so much easier to provide feedback or share a quick update with an employee if they are in the next room rather than via text or zoom.

· Client Meetings – If client and customer meetings are part of your workday, you should consider the frequency you need a conference or meeting room. Do you still need a dedicated conference room?

· Internet – Most offices require “business class” secure, high speed internet on safe networks? If you or your employees are using personal networks or worse yet public Wi-Fi, your business information and customer data may be at risk.

· Address – Is your current office the prestigious address you want for your business in 2021? If a prospective client or customer Googles your business, does it show an old, tired location or strip shopping center?


Consider Office Evolution – Private Offices With Shared Costs

Office Evolution offers private offices and shared workspace with concierge level amenities to help you downsize, save money and continue to service your business/practice needs.

Some things to consider:

· Long term lease vs agreements that fit your timeframe – Consider the flexible nature of our agreements. Rather than a long lease, you only need to contract for the amount of time and space you need – then scale up or down as business and employment requires.

· Eliminate miscellaneous office expenses – Do you really need your company’s own dedicated kitchen, coffee machine service, copier lease with paper & toner, telephone system, reception area and meeting rooms and internet connection or would you like us to handle all of that?

· Tech Support – You should be fully focused on your business and let us focus on the ISP, Wi-Fi access points, VLANs, security, internet redundancy, telephone system and tech support and, of course, speed. And, if you need a custom network solution, our team can do that as well.

· Business & Emergency Planning – Your business doesn’t stop because of electrical storms, hurricanes or pandemics. Office Evolution Coral Springs is listed by the government as an “essential business” so we will be open when you are. Our building has Hurricane rated impact windows and our tech stack is fully redundant, so you don’t need to worry!

· Training and Meeting Space – Most businesses only use a conference room a few hours per month or it doubles as “the lunchroom.” At Office Evolution we have conference and meeting rooms available when you need them and a separate café and social space for lunch, snacks or a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. · Class “A” Premier Business Location/Address – When you are looking for the right space, be sure the location and building meet your business needs. We have the best location in Coral Springs. · All inclusive & No surprises – When you become a member at Office Evolution, you are part of the Ohana (family in Hawaiian) and that means our pricing is all inclusive with no surprises. No extra CAM charges, copy charges, coffee service, etc.

· Hub & Spoke offices – If you have resolved most of the remote work issues in your business, should you allow some employees to work a hub location while other employees work in a separate suburban coworking location? That is easy for Office Evolution to do, whether all in Florida or around the country.


At first, working from home and a downsized office seemed novel. However, now with your lease coming due, consult with me today and we can share how Office Evolution can help you downsize, save money and grow your business! Ask us about our Move/Switch Special of two months free! Head over to to learn more.