3 Tips When Renting a Temporary Office in Denver

Rising demand for temporary workers has been one of the biggest business stories of the past few years, but another, similar story has largely gone unnoticed: rising demand for temporary office space. Here in Denver CO, temporary office rental rentals have become popular with all types of businesses. Startups use these spaces to scale up as quickly as possible, without the long term commitment of a typical office lease. Larger companies use temporary workspaces in a similar manner, reducing overhead, risk, and setup time for short term projects and satellite operations. Professional jet-setters, meanwhile, will rent office space for a day when they’re working or meeting with clients in Denver.

The versatility and functionality of a short term workspace makes the decision to rent a temporary office easy. But finding the right workspace? That can be a little trickier. To simplify the process, here are three tips on how to rent a great temporary workspace in downtown Denver.

Functional vs. Fashionable Temporary Offices

If you’re comparing different options for a temporary office in downtown Denver, you may be struck by how few of these spaces actually look like offices. Instead, they look like living rooms ripped straight from Pinterest or Instagram. These spaces look great, but you might worry how conducive they are for productivity.

Your concerns aren’t unfounded. While some short term office rentals strike a balance between fashionable design and functional space, others sacrifice key features in favor of chic aesthetics. While you shouldn’t settle for an eyesore, be wary of spaces designed for looks first and productivity second.

Minimizing Upfront Costs and Setup Time

The shorter the length of your rental, the less time and money you should be investing upfront. With a typical long-term office lease, it might make sense to buy your own furniture and coordinate your own utilities. But in a short term office space rental — even one that will last several months — you should minimize upfront costs and setup time.

When you’re looking at different temporary offices in Denver, focus on “ready-for-use” spaces. These workspaces will include all necessary furniture, plus critical utilities like phone and internet. The best spaces will also onsite support services to help get your workspace up and running as quickly as possible.

Tight Budget? Explore Alternative Options

If you’re on a tight budget, you might feel forced to compromise for a less-than-ideal space or a less-than-ideal location. Given this, you might want to consider alternative workspace solutions.

If you’re launching a startup, opening a satellite office, or need access to a professional workspace on visits to downtown Denver, a coworking membership could be the perfect alternative to a temporary office. Coworking spaces offer many of the benefits of a short term office space rental, but at a much lower cost. And if you need to rent office space for a day, a coworking space may provide day office rentals at discounted rates.

Ready to rent a temporary office in Denver’s historic LoDo district? Call Office Evolution® Downtown Denver CO at (303) 447-6876 for information on our day office rentals and month-to-month private office rentals.

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