4 Tips on Small Office Rental in Downtown Denver

Renting small office space in Denver CO isn’t the same as it used to be. But that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. In the past, local small businesses had limited choices when renting office space. These days, the choices seem endless. That can make it tough to decide on a small office rental. But if you find the right office for your needs, you’ll enjoy the perfect combination of flexibility and functionality.

Small Office Rental Spaces Are Evolving

At Office Evolution® Downtown Denver, we’ve seen how quickly the office rental market has changed. We’ve also seen the ways small business owners have benefited from these changes. Below, we’ve highlighted four of the most important innovations we’ve seen to small office rentals in downtown Denver.

  1. Flexibility. Long-term leases are still the most common office rental agreements. But a growing demand for flexible agreements has led to new options for small business owners. It’s now easier than ever to find short-term leases and month-to-month agreements for small office space in Denver. There’s also an increased market for day offices, which allow you to rent office space by the hour or by the day.
  2. Prestige. Small office rentals used to carry a small business stigma, making it tough to attract a certain caliber of clientele. That’s changed in recent years. Partly, this is due to start-up culture, which has brought new respect to smaller, bootstrapped businesses. The change has also been fueled by a shift in small office design. A modern small office for rent in downtown Denver can give even the smallest business a respected, professional image.
  3. Functionality. Newer small offices don’t just offer a more professional image. They also offer added functionality. Some of the most popular features of these spaces include access to community office equipment, meeting equipment, and conference rooms. Many small business owners have also come to depend on professional services offered by many of these offices, like telephone answering services and mail management.
  4. Community. Many of the best small office rentals in downtown Denver are found in shared workspaces and coworking communities. These rentals provide the privacy and space that entrepreneurs and independent professionals crave. Just as important, they offer a space within a thriving community of other ambitious professionals — the perfect environment for networking and collaboration.

Small Office Space in Downtown Denver

At Office Evolution Downtown Denver, our office rentals in Denver’s historic LoDo district have everything you need from a modern small office. We offer 14 private offices and 5 micro offices in one of Denver’s most prestigious and business-friendly areas.

All of our offices come fully furnished and ready for your use, with ergonomic desks and seating, high-speed ethernet, and secure high-speed Wi-Fi. Enjoy complimentary coffee and tea in the break room, take advantage of our onsite conference rooms and meeting spaces, and streamline your workweek with live telephone answering and mail reception services. Best of all, you’ll be joining one of Denver’s most active, energetic, and ambitious professional communities.

Call 303-447-6876 today for detailed information on small office rentals at Office Evolution Downtown Denver.

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