5 Ways Your Home Office Is Failing Your Business and How an Office Rental in Denver Can Help

Operating a business in the Metro Denver Area can be difficult from a home office. As your business scales, your home workspace may struggle to keep pace. If your home office has put a ceiling on your business’s potential, it may be time for an office rental in downtown Denver.

Your Home Office Is Limiting Growth

As great as working from home can be, entrepreneurs report common problems with home offices. Among the biggest are attracting new clients, scaling operations, and making productive use of time. In a competitive market like Denver’s, switching from a home office to an office rental plays a key role in growing your business.

Unsure if an office rental in Denver is the right move, right now? Here are five of the biggest signs your home office can no longer keep pace with your business…

  1. You Aren’t Reaching Key Goals. Does it feel like working from home is preventing you from spending time on revenue-generating work? You may need a space where you’re no longer in charge of low-priority tasks like phone management, parcel reception, and cleaning.
  2. You Need More Space & Resources. A growing business demands more space and resources than many home offices can provide. Switching to an office rental gives you a pre-furnished, ready-for-work space, meaning minimal downtime for a workspace upgrade.
  3. You Struggle to Sell Yourself. Without a professional address or a convenient meeting space, you may struggle to reach the clients you’re targeting. An office rental will give you the professional address, central location, and meeting room access you need to gain new clients.
  4. You’re Hampered by Distractions. Working from home almost always means distractions. When crunch time hits and you’re working 60+ hour weeks, the evening hours can be particularly unproductive. Your own dedicated, private, away-from-home office space can help solve this problem.
  5. You Need to Separate Home and Work. It’s easy to throw off your work-life balance when you’re working from home. This can upset relationships and impact work performance. An office rental can put personal and professional boundaries back into place to restore that balance.

Office Rentals at Office Evolution Denver (Downtown)

If you need to make the switch from a home office to an office rental, there’s nowhere better to find your new office than Office Evolution® Denver (Downtown). Located in Denver’s historic Market Center Building, our Private Office rentals in LoDo offer key benefits over a home office set up, including:

  • Your own private, dedicated office space away from home, perfect for focus and productivity.
  • Instant access to the space, furnishings, and office essentials you need to hit the ground running.
  • Key services like reception, phone answering, and on-site office management to limit time spent on non-revenue generating work.
  • By-the-hour access to five spacious and professionally equipped conference rooms.
  • Dedicated professional mailing address and mailbox, with parcel receiving services.
  • Central location in Denver’s LoDo district where you’re surrounded by major businesses, amenities, and other professionals.

Ready to move out of your home office and into an office rental with Office Evolution Denver (Downtown)? Call 303-447-6876 today for information on our available office space.