6 Professional Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist in Denver

At Office Evolution® Downtown Denver CO, we’re primarily known as one of Denver’s premier coworking spaces. Based in downtown Denver’s historic LoDo district, we boast one of the city’s most dynamic professional communities. But we’re more than just a workplace. We also provide a range of innovative services for local professionals and small businesses, including virtual receptionist plans.

Virtual receptionist services are in high demand right now, particularly in thriving economies like Denver’s. It’s easy to see why. A virtual answering service offers many of the same benefits that you’d get with a personal receptionist, yet only costs roughly 5% to 10% as much. This makes phone answering services a perfect fit for busy freelancers and small-budget businesses.

But low costs are just one of many reasons these services are so popular. Below, we take a look at six other benefits a live answering services has to offer…


Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist Plan in Denver

  1. Improved Availability. No single person can pick up the phone 100% of the time. A virtual answering service in Denver can. These services have live agents available 24/7, so callers will speak with a real person no matter when they call your number.
  2. Lead Generation and Sales. Experts say that your phone is your best tool for generating leads and making new sales. A call answering service can help prevent the loss of leads who would normally hang up on your voicemail, while improving your customer service performance.
  3. Reduced Distractions. When you’re in the middle of an important task, an interruption from a spam caller or a wrong number can derail your focus. A virtual receptionist in your Denver area office with call screening services can eliminate these interruptions and reduce other types of administrative busywork.
  4. Virtual Office Operations. If you can’t afford to rent office space in Denver, a virtual office could be the perfect alternative. A virtual answering service makes this much easier, leading to massive savings for your business.
  5. Add-On Services and Discounts. At Office Evolution Downtown Denver, a virtual receptionist plan can give you a range of additional tools and resources. Our Professional Plan Plus offers our live answering service, a business address plan, meeting room rental discounts, and 24/7 access to 10+ coworking locations in metro Denver.
  6. 100+ Hours of Added Productivity. Office Evolutions live answering plans have a proven impact on productivity. A basic plan saves the typical client 2+ hours every week. Added up, that comes to more than a hundred hours every year.

Learn more about our virtual receptionist services for professionals in Denver CO! Call Office Evolution Downtown Denver at (303) 447-6876 for additional information.