Brent Beckwith Talks About: Selling With Simplicity

Member Spotlight: An Interview with Brent Beckwith of Regatta Solutions, Inc. & Grant Lee State & Local Tax Consultants.

Some people can’t be limited to just one business. One such person is Mr. Brent Beckwith. Brent does business development for Regatta Solutions Inc. and Grant Lee State and Local Tax Consultants. 

Brent is originally from the Los Angeles metro area, and moved to Colorado. We sat down with Brent to talk about his businesses and his time officing with Office Evolution Denver. 

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About Brent Beckwith:

My name is Brent Beckwith, I do business development for two businesses, one of the businesses is a tax consulting business that’s very specialized in only reducing taxes on equipment for manufacturing facilities; the other business is also in the manufacturing space, it’s selling cogeneration.  Cogeneration is the process of creating energy onsite that gives off thermal heat as well that can be repurposed in the manufacturing process. So it’s essentially kind of a new energy technology that is much more efficient than getting power from the power grid.

Brent’s Best Business Tips:

  • Business Tip #1 – Simplicity

    One of the things I’ve been successful at is taking something that’s somewhat complex and making it simple to the point your customer will want to listen about it. Like micro turbines, it sounds very complicated but really it’s kind of simple.  

    “It’s a jet engine in a box that creates electricity that gives off heat that can be repurposed and lower energy costs 25%-35%.”

    So that’s what I would say if I look back and what I’m doing now is making something complex and being able to have that 30 second elevator pitch about it. 

  • Business Tip #2 – Persistence

    Be persistent. In my business, the norm is if you try to call somebody, 92% of the time, you’re going to get their voicemail, but there is 8% of the time that you’re not. A lot of times, [other sales people] just try a couple calls and they won’t get through and they’ll just say “forget it”. So I would say be persistent.  Once I get a hold of them I close many deals with those people. 

  • Business Tip #3 – Know Your Product

    Be very comfortable with your product or service.  You only have that first minute or so with a person when you get them on the phone.  If you somehow say the wrong thing or lose them, you lose credibility and it’s hard to get much momentum out of that. 

How Brent Uses Office Evolution:

It’s really hard for me to focus at home. It just seems like everything can distract me. When I’m here I can really focus on what’s at hand, what’s in front of me, as opposed to at home. It’s nice to get away to somewhere I can just feel comfortable and be in an environment where I can get a lot done. 

I feel like a lot of times if I just want to get some busywork done, I can come here and just get through it. I have a goal of just “I’m not gonna leave until it’s done”, whereas at home I would think “Oh well I’ll do this, then I’ll get back to it”, and here it really helps to have that environment. It’s just the right fit for someone like me, and I really enjoy having this option.

I also like Constance who’s the manager here, she’s always friendly, always just a sweetheart, and she’s just awesome. I feel like I can be in a grouchy mood, and she’s in a great mood. That was one of the factors why I signed up. She’s great, she’s more than just a person.  It’s almost like having a den mother; any little thing that you need she’s always there, she’s awesome.

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