Five Virtual Office Tools that give your Business more Freedom

Virtual Office: Five Tools that give your Business more Freedom

Around Independence Day, many of our thoughts focus on the freedom we have in the United States.  And, we thank the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom; and, for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Freedom can also stretch into our businesses as well. We recently interviewed one of our virtual office members who raved about the freedom he receives from his virtual office membership.  In an interview, he discussed how he could travel to different locations, reduce his overhead, and put more money into his business (helping it to grow).

A virtual office in Denver gives your business so much freedom.  Here are five virtual office tools that give your business more freedom.

Professional business address:  

Way better than a PO Box, you’ll have a professional address in a prime downtown location (16th & Market to be more precise).  Our secure entrance and key fob access allows you access your mailbox 24/7.  

Front Desk Receptionist:  

We’re here to help.  Our front desk receptionist helps to give the impression that your company larger and better established.   We’ll greet your guests for you and direct them to your meeting room.  Need a notary?  We’ve got you covered.

Phone Answering:  

The only calls you’ll miss are the solicitors.  Our live phone answering services announce and screen all of your calls for you.  Then, we’ll send you a voice mail message that goes to your email. Simplicity & sophistication at its best.

Conference room:

Hosting a presentation or reviewing sensitive financials?  Reserve a conference room in Denver.  As a virtual office member, you’ll have access to our conference room, meeting room, board room, and day office.  The conference rooms are on-demand and also in-demand.  Book early because they can fill up quickly.

Expand your business:  

As you grow your business, you’ll need an office space in Denver.  The progression from a virtual office to an office space in Denver is very simple.  Instead of needing to pack up at the end of the day, you’ll rent a private office.  Your attaché case just got a little lighter.  

We’ve only highlighted a few of the amenities of your virtual office.  For more information about a virtual office, contact our Business Center Manager at 303-747-6782 or check out the virtual office page of our website.

The amenities of a virtual office give you the flexibility and freedom to work from home or wherever your job takes you…at Office Evolution not only do you have a home office but you have access to all of our Colorado locations and throughout the US.