Making Your Business Digitally Marketable

Member Spotlight: An Interview with Gene Fourney of InteractiveWest

Starting a digital marketing firm when the internet first came into its own would have been a great move, allowing you to learn everything there was to know about your medium of marketing. Don’t you wish you had done that?

Gene Fourney of InteractiveWest did just that, we sat down with him to talk about his business and his time working with Office Evolution. 

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About InteractiveWest

My name is Gene Fourney, and I’m CEO and President of InteractiveWest, and I own a full scale digital marketing agency here in Denver. I have 20+ years of experience both in web development and internet digital marketing campaigns for clients. We have a full team of folks doing work for our clients. We also have a digital marketing specialist at our firm that drives traffic to the website once it’s built as well as other digital marketing and advertising campaigns to create business for clients.

Business Tips from Gene Fourney

  • Business Tip # – Own Your Domain Name

  • The first step is to ensure that you actually own the domain name. We had a client company that we agreed to assist … and they happened not to own [their domain name]. This company is looking at investing about $20,000 into their advertising and marketing campaign, and at the end of the day they don’t own their website domain name, their email addresses or anything.  So, the first step is to ensure that you actually own your domain name.
  • Business Tip #2- Know your SEO

  • Understanding what local search is versus Search Engine Optimization.  There are a number of directories that are out there on the internet. You have to go and manually register with these websites.  If you’ll notice when you go and do a search for a local store, you’ll notice that there’s a Google map, and then local listings right underneath that.  Those listings have little to do with your website, you have to actually go and manually register.

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

I was in maybe the office two days a week at the most. We found that the virtual office setup suited our needs better. 

We don’t have people that come in and sit at a desk. With millennials today, who’s doing most of our work for our clients, they prefer to either work from home or work remotely. Most of our workers are here in Denver. They don’t need an office to come to. 

[The Virtual Office arrangement] also saves our customers a lot of money.

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