Member Spotlight: Studio Gunn Architecture, LLC - Elevating Everyday Life with Inspired Design

At Office Evolution Front Range, we are proud to highlight the exceptional talents and achievements of our members. This month, we shine the spotlight on Bryan and Lynda Gunn, the dynamic duo behind Studio Gunn Architecture, LLC (SGA).

The Genesis of Studio Gunn Architecture

Bryan and Lynda Gunn founded Studio Gunn Architecture in 2004 with a clear mission: to design inspired spaces that elevate everyday life and help clients realize their vision of “home.” As SGA approaches its 20th anniversary, the firm is on track to exceed 500 homes designed. This impressive milestone reflects their dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence in the field of architecture.

Achievements and Recognition

Studio Gunn Architecture has garnered significant recognition over the years, including prestigious awards. Notably, they received an award from the Home Builders Association of Denver for Custom Home of the Year (under 4,500 square feet). This accolade underscores their ability to deliver exceptional, customized architectural solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and design.

Unique Expertise

What sets Bryan and Lynda apart from typical architecture firms is their hands-on experience in both design and construction. They have personally built two homes for themselves, providing them with invaluable insights into the construction process. Bryan’s background includes working for two design/build firms, which further enhances his understanding of the intricacies involved in building projects. This intimate knowledge allows SGA to bring efficiencies to their designs, ensuring that every project is not only beautiful but also practical and well-executed.

Lynda’s educational background is uniquely holistic, encompassing both architecture and interior design. This dual expertise enables her to create cohesive and harmonious living spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. Her comprehensive approach ensures that every detail, from the structural elements to the interior finishes, contributes to the overall vision of the project.

Utilizing Office Evolution

Studio Gunn Architecture has found an ideal home at Office Evolution Front Range. The flexible workspace solutions provided by Office Evolution have been instrumental in supporting their business needs. The well-designed private offices offer a professional setting for client meetings and focused work, while the collaborative coworking spaces provide opportunities for brainstorming and team collaboration. The modern amenities, including high-speed internet and fully-equipped meeting rooms, ensure that Bryan and Lynda can operate efficiently and effectively.

The convenient location and supportive community at Office Evolution have also played a crucial role in their business growth. The networking opportunities and shared resources available at Office Evolution have helped Studio Gunn Architecture build valuable connections and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Learn More

To see more of Studio Gunn Architecture’s inspiring work, visit their website at Their portfolio showcases a wide range of projects that reflect their commitment to creating spaces that elevate the everyday lives of their clients.

Celebrating Excellence

At Office Evolution Front Range, we celebrate the success and contributions of members like Bryan and Lynda Gunn. Their dedication to their craft and their community exemplifies the spirit of innovation and excellence that we strive to support. We are proud to have Studio Gunn Architecture as part of our vibrant community and look forward to witnessing their continued success.

Join us in congratulating Bryan and Lynda Gunn on their remarkable achievements and in celebrating the impact they have made through their inspired architectural designs.