Telephone Answering Services in Denver: 7 Important Studies

At Office Evolution® Downtown Denver, we know that telephone reception is a sore spot for local small business owners. When your workweek is already packed with responsibilities, finding the time to pick up your phone can be tough. One solution used by a number of small businesses in Denver is a professional telephone answering service. These services offer an affordable way to delegate phone management, minimize unwanted interruptions, and improve customer service.

Telephone answering companies in Denver offer two basic forms of telephone answering services: live answering and virtual reception. If you’re considering a remote receptionist service for your business, you’ll want to know the difference between these two options.

While live answering tends to be a slightly bigger investment, it offers key advantages over virtual reception. Studies have shown that consumers prefer live agents. Meanwhile, live reception can screen incoming calls far more effectively than virtual receptionists.

Below, we’ve collected seven key stats on telephone answering services to help Denver’s small business owners choose the right service for their needs.

Stats on Telephone Answering Services & Virtual Receptionists

  1. US Small Businesses Lose $500 Million Each Year to Spam Callers. Small businesses take a major productivity hit each year because of spam phone calls, making call screening a valuable feature in remote reception services. 
  2. Hold Times Are 2.18 Times Longer on Automated Systems. Technology should make things more efficient. But a comparison of virtual reception and live agent customer service systems found that virtual systems had hold times more than twice as long.
  3. 6 in 10 Consumers Consider a Minute on Hold Unacceptable. Modern customers have little patience for hold times, according to the results of one recent survey. That makes lower hold times from live receptionists key for small businesses.
  4. 90% of Consumers Want to Hear from Live Receptionists. One of the biggest and most recent studies on telephone answering services found that 90% of those surveyed preferred live agent reception. Only 3% expressed a preference for automated answering.
  5. Small Businesses Miss 62% of Incoming Calls. A recent study found that most calls to small businesses are never picked up. 32% go to voicemail and 28% receive no answer at all. 
  6. 7 in 10 Callers Hang Up on Answering Machines. Most calls that go to voicemail end without the caller leaving a message. 69% of callers hang up as soon as they reach an answering machine.
  7. Live Answering Can Add 100 Hours to Your Work Year.Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Downtown Denver lead to real, measurable results. On average, our services save business owners two hours every week. 

Telephone Reception Services in Downtown Denver

If you’re looking for a telephone answering service in Denver, we invite you to give us a call at Office Evolution Downtown Denver. Based in Denver’s historic LoDo district, our live telephone answering plans are tailor-made for small businesses and independent professionals in the Denver area. Call us today to find out how our reception services can help you streamline your workweek, boost productivity, and improve customer service.

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