Why Executive Office Suites are the Choice of Small Businesses in Denver

Right now, the market for office space in Denver is just as competitive as the rest of the city’s economy. Small businesses are thriving, and real estate is limited, so you’d think that it would be tough for small business owners in the area to find high-quality office space. Despite this, there’s never been a better time to be renting office space in downtown Denver. The reason? The rise of executive office suites.

The popularity of executive office suites is closely linked with Denver’s coworking movement, which helped transform the area into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunity. Executive suite rentals in coworking spaces offer the privacy of a dedicated office, the energy of a coworking environment, plus a range of features and resources that used to be outside small business budgets.

An Executive Office Delivers Executive Perks

When you ask small business owners in Denver what they love most about their executive office suites, you’ll hear a wide range of answers.

For some, the biggest perk is the professional infrastructure of their workspace — things like live phone answering services and access to meeting spaces. Others appreciate the dynamism and vibrancy of coworking spaces, which are magnets for ambitious, forward-thinking, risk-taking professionals. And in some case, it’s the small things: free coffee and tea during the workday, a friendly greeting from the front desk receptionist every morning.

But if you’re looking at the broader perks of an executive office or business suite, those can be summed up more easily. At Office Evolution® Downtown Denver CO, the biggest benefits of renting an executive office can be summed up in four areas:

  • Executive Productivity. Our executive suites have been expertly designed to encourage focus and foster productivity, helping small business owners get more done. As one of Denver’s most dynamic coworking communities, we also offer the well-documented benefits of working in a coworking space.
  • Executive Resources. We offer access to resources that small businesses haven’t historically been able to afford, including fully furnished meeting space, shared office equipment, 24/7 use of our coworking space, and professional service plans that include phone answering and mail management.
  • Executive Image. A mix of historic charm and contemporary design gives our space a prestigious appearance. We also offer a range of features and amenities to help you woo clients and investors, like access to meeting space, complimentary coffee and tea, and guest access to secure, high-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Affordability & Flexibility. Despite all of the above advantages, our executive suites are priced competitively with traditional office rentals. Even better, we offer both month-to-month and long-term agreements.

Unsure whether an executive office suite will be the best fit for your workspace needs? Why not see for yourself? Call Office Evolution Downtown Denver today at (303) 447-6876or visit our offices in Denver’s historic LoDo district to find out if an executive office rental is right for you.