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Downtown Denver Office Evolution is the office space rental opportunity you’ve been looking for. Enjoy an office that conveys professionalism while providing a comfortable and convenient space to conduct business.

Meeting Spaces

Not every meeting requires a formal conference room. Sometimes a smaller room with a table that seats three, four, or five people will do a better job helping you close the deal. Or if you want to have a brainstorming session with your team, a smaller meeting space that keeps you all engaged will help you build on each others’ ideas. Every location is different, so visit the Office Evolution locations near you to see what meeting spaces fit your needs the best.

Day Offices

Day Offices are private, furnished offices that you can use for a couple hours or a couple days. Perhaps you’re traveling to visit a client in another city and you need a place to work, make phone calls, and have meetings. Or maybe you typically work from home but your in-laws are going to be staying with you for a few weeks, and you need an uninterrupted place to work (and hide). Day offices are a great way to have ultimate flexibility at minimal expense.

Conference Room Rental

Office Evolution’s private office members and shared workspace members on our Professional and Professional Plus plans get a set amount of free access to conference rooms, meeting spaces, and day offices, and they enjoy discounts on the hourly rates for additional room reservations.

Training Rooms

Finding a training room or seminar space with the right layout and location makes all the difference in your learning experience. Whether you need a more conventional classroom setup with front-facing stations or a collaborative configuration that promotes dialogue and brainstorming, you shall have it. Reserve large or small training room facilities so you have the space you need.

Reviews of Office Evolution Downtown Denver

Callie Lopshire-Bratt

Apr 20, 2022

I have been using the shared workspace at the Office Evolution center in downtown Denver for a while now. I really love the historic feel of the exposed-brick building and the quiet, productive energy in the space. There’s plenty of room for those of us in the shared workspace to distance ourselves, and it never feels crowded. The coffee selection isn’t the highest quality, but it’s good enough for a caffeine kick in the morning with lots of mix-ins to choose from - I particularly love making lattes in the machine. I really love the natural light in the shared workspace. It’s a very easy commute for me to get to Union Station and then just walk the 2 blocks over; I'm really happy I found Office Evolution!

Angela Maxwell

Jan 26, 2022

My company rented a conference room for a two day meeting in downtown Denver and Bryce was wonderful in accommodating our requests and ensuring that things were set up properly for our President and out of country visitors. I'll definitely be using Office Evolution for our future conference room needs in downtown Denver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to rent a meeting room?

We welcome Guests to rent our meeting room spaces. Members receive the benefit of a 50% discount on meeting room spaces.

What can I expect when I show up for my meeting?

Once you have confirmed your booking, we will reach out to you to make sure we can help with anything you will need the day of your meeting. Once you arrive, we will check you in and any of your guest and show you to your conference room or day office, help you get set up and make sure you have everything you need to run a productive meeting. All of our rooms feature a large glass whiteboard, included internet access, and a polycom phone. Our large rooms feature 70” TV with HDMI connection for your AV presentations.

How do I rent a meeting room?

It’s simple to rent a meeting room with Office Evolution. Please contact us today and we’ll get you all set up.

How do hotel conference rooms compare to Office Evolution conference rooms?

You can get a professional space for a lot less money with Office Evolution. Our rooms can be rented in 15-min increments, so you can use the space for just as long as you need. We offer compelling day-rates as well, so reach out today.

What does it cost to rent a conference room?

Great question. Rates start as low as $20/hour, but can vary depending on location and size of conference room.

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