3 Cures to the Work from Home Blues for Dublin Residents

Now that your laptop can turn your kitchen counter, dining room table, or even their couch into a personal workspace, it’s easier than ever to do your job from home. So, it’s no big surprise that more and more professionals work from home in Dublin, OH. Some of us do it part-time, while some of us spend our entire workweek inside our own homes.

Many people think of working from home as a dream situation. But, at Office Evolution® Dublin, we’ve noticed that more and more work from home professionals find their job satisfaction is suffering. While some of us love working where we live, a rising number of professionals who work from home in the Dublin area have found themselves searching for a better way to work.

Sound familiar? Here are three ways that professionals in Dublin can cure what we call the “work from home blues”.

1. Optimize the Space Where You Work

In recent years, businesses have shifted the way they think about workplace design. Study after study has demonstrated how specific work environment factors impact productivity, health, and well-being. Those factors are just as important when you’re working from home as they are when you’re working in an office.

Despite this, few of us take the time to optimize the design of our home work environment. If you don’t enjoy working from home, the space where you choose to work could be the reason. So, before you make other changes, ensure that you have a dedicated home office that follows principles of productive and ergonomic office design.

2. Do You Work From Home? Make Time to Socialize & Explore

When you work from home, you’re siloed from the outside world. Some people simply work best when they can feed off the energy of others. But even lone wolves often find working from home can be an isolating experience.

The solution? The more time you spend working from home, the more effort you should be putting into getting outside of your home’s four walls. Consider strategies like:

  • Reserving part of your lunch or one of your breaks every day for a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly lunch with colleagues or friends.
  • Making sure that you spend at least one evening each week outside of your house.
  • Treat weekends as your opportunity to get away and explore the outside world.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

If you work from home in Dublin or a nearby area like Hilliard, Upper Arlington, or Powell, then a shared workspace membership could be the perfect way to boost productivity and your overall job satisfaction. Studies have shown that professionals thrive in coworking communities, where they can work at their own pace and where they find themselves surrounded by other motivated professionals.

A shared workspace membership at Office Evolution Dublin will give you 24/7 access to our coworking space and comes with an extensive range of benefits, like access to office equipment and discounts on meeting spaces. Whether you’re dropping by for a few hours, a full day, or choosing to spend your entire workweek with us, we offer the perfect alternative space for those who work from home in the Dublin area.

Call 614-495-9274 today to claim a free hour of shared workspace access and beat the work-from-home blues with Office Evolution Dublin!

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