3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Temporary Office in Dublin

Over the past few years, temporary office space has become an increasingly popular option for professionals and businesses doing business in the Dublin and Columbus OH area. Whether you’re visiting Dublin on business and need to rent office space for a day, or you’re launching a new venture and want to avoid a long term lease, Dublin offers the kind of space you’re looking for. Simply put, it’s easier than ever to find a high-quality short term office in Dublin, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Powell, or elsewhere in metro Columbus.

With that said, if you’re renting a temporary office for the first time, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can be made when leasing a short term workspace. Below are three mistakes that are easy to make when choosing a short term office in Dublin, but which just as easy to avoid if you’re careful.

Fashion vs. Function in a Temporary Office

When you look at the market for temporary office rentals in metro Columbus, you’ll find a wide range of spaces in a diverse array of styles. Aesthetics, in particular, can distinguish one space from another. Some spaces are clearly designed for productivity, but others resemble the living space in an artist’s loft more closely than they resemble an actual office.

Before deciding on a temporary office, it’s important that you ask yourself how the space will affect your productivity and performance. While some temporary workspaces strike a balance between trendy aesthetics and productive design, others are clearly designed around looks first, work second.

Upfront Costs in a Short Term Workspace

One of the biggest advantages of a short term workspace rental is the upfront savings it can generate. Setting up a new workspace takes both time and money, and those costs are particularly troublesome with a short term lease. The more you can minimize these costs, the more value you’ll get out of your short term office space rental. So when you’re renting a workspace on a short term lease, don’t rent a space that demands a significant investment of your time or your money for set up. Instead, find a workspace that’s as close to ready-for-use as possible.

Alternatives to a Temporary Office Rental

A short term office can be a great way to reduce workspace-related overhead. But in some cases, the workspace you’re looking for might be outside of your budget. When this happens, you might feel pressured to compromise on a space that’s less functional, spacious, or well-located than you desire.

Before renting a space that doesn’t align with your needs, make sure that you’ve fully explored the alternatives. At Office Evolution® Dublin OH, our coworking memberships are a popular alternative to temporary office rentals, offering access to high-quality workspace at a fraction of what it costs to rent a private office.

Looking for a temporary office in Dublin? Call (614) 495-9274 for detailed information on our workspace solutions, including day office rentalscoworking memberships, and private office rentals on month-to-month agreements.

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