5 Home Office Problems A Dublin Office Rental Can Fix

Has your home office become a liability for your business? In a competitive market like Dublin, OH, the limitations of your home office could be holding you back. If working from home is putting a ceiling on your productivity or profitability, an office rental in Dublin is the obvious next step.

An Home Office Places Limits on Entrepreneurs

Many of Dublin’s most successful small businesses started in a home office. But a home office can only sustain a business for so long. At a certain growth point, work-from-home entrepreneurs hit a ceiling. When that happens, the challenges of a home office can turn into serious problems, and you may need to consider a Dublin-area office rental.

Below are the five biggest problems caused be home offices according to entrepreneurs, plus the red flags that help to identify these problems:

  1. Optimizing Work Hours. Time management issues are experienced by 41% of entrepreneurs.
    Red flag: You can’t spend enough time on revenue generation distractions and low-priority responsibilities (answering phone calls, mail management, etc.).
  2. Attracting New Business. 34% of small business owners find it hard to attract and convert new clientele from a home office.
    Red flag: Your target clientele keeps passing you over for competitors with an actual business address.
  3. Distractions & Interruptions. Disruptions from family or friends affect the productivity of 32% of work-from-home professionals.
    Red flag: You’re putting in longer and longer workweeks, but evening distractions from your family are leading to minimal returns on all those extra hours.
  4. Lack of Space & Resources. 26% of entrepreneurs run into problems because they don’t have the resources they need at home.
    Red flag: You’re desperate for a home office redesign, but you can’t afford to put your business on hold for all the work that needs to be done.
  5. Scaling Operations. Problems scaling their business were reported by 22% of home office small business owners.
    Red flag: Your business has grown, or is ready for more growth, but you find yourself treading water when it feels like you should be thriving.

Office Rentals at Office Evolution Dublin

Office Evolution® Dublin is the perfect space for entrepreneurs to make the leap from a home office to an office rental. Located in the heart of Dublin’s Emerald Corporate District, we offer Private Office rentals with major advantages over any home office, including:

  • Private workspaces designed for productivity, a world away from home and its distractions.
  • Fully furnished offices with essential infrastructure in place, so you can hit the ground running.
  • Phone answering, mail, and front desk services, freeing up time for high-priority work.
  • Access to office equipment, office amenities, and professional conference areas.
  • Your own business mailing address in the heart of Dublin’s corporate community.
  • Close proximity to Greater Columbus communities like Hilliard, Upper Arlington, and Powell.

Call Office Evolution Dublin at 614-495-9274 today for information on our available office rentals.