5 Practices Guaranteed To Influence Your Confidence!

Confidence is everything. It can either make you or break you. When starting a new business venture, you will need all the confidence you can get. Below are a five areas we think are important to focus on in order to improve your confidence. Do these on a regular basis, and you’ll feel more confident about yourself and your potential.   

 Toss Out Negativity.  Living with a positive outlook is better for everyone. Being positive about yourself and your goals gives you the upper hand to make things happen! When you surround yourself with people who are pessimistic, their thoughts and actions will influence the way you conduct yourself, and eventually the way you conduct business. Don’t allow negative people to snap you out of your positive mindset. If you arrive each day with a “can do” attitude, your work will reflect your positive approach.   

 Keep Your Business Organized. We’re not just talking about keeping your workspace organized, although it helps. We’re talking about creating daily/weekly/yearly goals. When you configure a plan, you have a good idea of where you want to go in the future. By creating a list of your goals, you can keep your progress in perspective. Having the opportunity to look back over a period of time, assess your business’s growth, and reevaluate your future plans, puts your business a step ahead, and therefore builds your confidence. Create a guide that will lead your business to success, and check on it often!   

Practice Power Poses. We aren’t kidding. Stand in front of a mirror, and pay attention to the message your body language is sending. Are you shoulders hunched over? Is your head down? Are you fidgeting with your hair or hands? In addition to looking at yourself in the mirror, pay attention to your body while speaking with someone. Make note of the way your body responds to coworkers, higher ups, friends, and associates. Practice standing with good posture, with your hands on your hips. You can influence your confidence by simply changing your stance. Try it!   

 Be Healthy.  If you take anything away from this article, take away this: Your business will not continue to grow if you do not keep yourself healthy. Repeat after me: exercise, rest, diet. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work. When you work hard, your body can get worn down. Avoid fatigue by sticking to a light exercise regimen, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep (that means no more all nighters.) When you find yourself fatigued, you won’t feel well, you won’t look well, and you won’t perform well. All of this can lead to low self esteem.   

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