5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing Office Space

Think all office space providers are one and the same? Think again! There’s huge variety in the quality of service and provision you’ll be offered when on the hunt for shared office space. The choices you make now are also highly likely to make a big impact on the future of your business.

Because of this, it’s important to devote the time and attention to your share office space search that it deserves. We think the best way to do this, while still maximizing the effectiveness of your time, is to be totally clear on what you’re looking for before you start visiting potential options.

The following five questions will help you decide exactly what you need from a shared office space provider.

 1. How much space do you need?

It makes sense to decide how much physical space you need in your office before you start looking at what’s available. Having a specific square footage in mind will make it much easier to decide which office providers to visit and will prevent you wasting time viewing offices that just aren’t suitable.

There’s no perfect equation to work out how much space is right for you. Whether it is for yourself or a team, most business owners come to a figure based on how many employees they currently have, how many they plan to have in the coming years, and on how many additional workspaces (such as meeting rooms and breakout areas) they need. We typically recommend between 45 and 85 square foot per person.

2. What kind of location makes the best sense for you?

The knee-jerk reaction for businesses is often to go for a downtown office. However, this isn’t always the best option. Downtown offices can be convenient for those businesses who need to be located there, but many others end up paying more in rates, rents and utilities for a smaller downtown space that’s actually more of a hindrance.

A suburban office location often makes a lot more sense for business owners. They tend to offer a lot more value for money and generally come with free parking, attractive green spaces and easy transport links.

 3. What support services do you need?

Different businesses need very different things from a share office space. Some businesses handle almost everything in house and are only looking for maintenance and cleaning services from their office providers. Others expect a lot more including administrative assistance, phone answering, mail handling, IT support, a manned reception desk and catering staff.

Which camp you fall into will have a big impact on the type of office space that’s right for you. Remember to consider all possibilities: even if you don’t need additional services like these now, might you grow into them within the next six months?

4. What’s the bottom line on your budget?

One of the most important decisions when it comes to choosing the right office is how much your business can realistically afford. Over committing could be a real problem, so it makes sense to be honest with yourself here. The clearer you are over your financial situation, the less likely you are to be talked into an office solution that costs more than your business can comfortably afford.

5. What kind of office will best suit your working style?

Don’t underestimate how much of an impact different styles of office could have on your business. It’s wise to carefully consider whether a more traditionally formal office space or a modern open plan option is a better fit for your business. The finish and decor of the serviced office building you choose will also affect the atmosphere within it: so these decisions do matter.

Want to make sure you’re fully prepared to start your search for the ideal share office space?

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