7 Reasons to Use Telephone Answering Service in Dublin

There’s no such thing as an easy workweek when you operate your own business. Whether you’re running a small company or acting as an independent professional, responsibilities pile up fast. Growing your business requires smart delegation and outsourcing for less important tasks, like telephone reception. That’s why Office Evolution® Dublin offers live telephone answering services for local small businesses and independent professionals.

Our live telephone answering services give businesses an easy way to screen calls and minimize workflow distractions. At the same time, small business owners in Dublin can rest easy knowing that incoming calls from leads, clients, and investors all receive a friendly, personalized greeting from a live receptionist.

If you’re looking into telephone answering companies in Dublin, you might be wondering how these services will make an impact on your business. To help answer that question, we’ve collected key data from research on small business phone management and telephone answering services. We hope this information makes it easy to make the right choice for your business in Dublin.

Stats on Answering Services & Virtual Receptionists

  1. Businesses Need to Screen for Spam Callers. Spam calls are a big problem for anyone with a phone line. While the Do Not Call list and spam-blocking phone software have helped curb the problem over the past few years, recent figures say that 35% of phone traffic remains spam.
  2. Spam Disproportionately Hits Small Businesses.Smaller businesses are less equipped to screen spam calls before they reach and disrupt key staff. That’s why US small businesses are estimated to lose around half-a-billion dollars in productivity to spam calls each year.
  3. Consumers Prefer Speaking with Real People. Modern consumers dislike virtual reception services and automated answering systems more than you may think. In a recent survey, 90% of consumers told HuffPost researchers that they preferred live receptionists.
  4. Virtual Receptionists Are a Turn-Off for Callers. It’s not just that people prefer live reception. Many callers flat out expect to speak with a real person. A recent survey found that “not speaking with a real person” was a negative customer service experience for 47% of people.
  5. Patience for Hold Times Is Getting Shorter. In a world filled with smartphones, few consumers want to wait for answers. Nearly a third of consumers now believe they shouldn’t spend any time on hold when they call a business. Another quarter expect hold times to be less than a minute.
  6. Hold Times Get Longer on Automated Systems.Technology is decreasing callers’ patience for hold times. Ironically, it’s also increasing the amount of time customers spend on hold. An analysis by Time magazine found that wait times grew by nearly 120% on automated systems compared to live answering.
  7. Remote Reception Can Add 2+ Hours Back to Your Workweek. Most small business owners are surprised to learn how much time they lose each week to phone management. At Office Evolution Dublin, our telephone answering services add 2+ hours to the typical client’s workweek (that’s 100+ hours each year).

Live Telephone Answering Service in Dublin, OH

If you’re looking to streamline your workweek, improve your customer service, and spend more time growing your business in Dublin, OH, then a telephone answering service could be the perfect solution. If you’re based in Dublin, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Powell, or nearby, we invite you to contact Office Evolution Dublin to learn more about live answering and remote receptionist services.

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