Cultivating a Professional Community is the Key to Success

Working as your own boss is infinitely rewarding.  It offers work/life flexibility and control that you rarely find in the corporate world. But this kind of independence can come with the reputation–often undeserved–of being isolating and lonely.

Self-employed workers love the ability to control their schedules and like the fact that the on-demand economy gives them control over where, when and how they work.  However, no one says they choose self-employment so they can eat lunch alone every day, and that mindset can turn people off to the idea of on-demand work or other forms of self-employment before they ever start.

Whether you work at home or in a public space, even if you’re surrounded by other people, you aren’t working with these people toward a shared goal. They aren’t teammates in the way that the occupants of a traditional office building usually are.

But all the conventional wisdom about self-employment being isolating and lonely is often not accurate. In truth, self-employed people often tend to feel a greater sense of community and connection than those who are working in traditional careers.

The Self-Employed Are More Reliant on Community

Self-employed people can leverage the same flexibility that they enjoy in directing their work to truly develop their community into something more meaningful. Rather than being shackled to the guy in the cubicle next door, you find yourself free to develop a community of like-minded people.

Relationships can be built based on something meaningful rather than simple proximity: their vision, their personalities, and their ability to become a true partner in business.

Because self-employed people don’t have a prefab community to leverage, they (consciously or otherwise) feel compelled to seek one out and build their own–and, in fact, become reliant on this community for the success of their business.

In a recent Emergent Research survey on co-working spaces, 82 percent of independent workers said they use their co-working space as an opportunity to expand their professional networks. 64 percent said these networks are an important source of how they find work.

If physical proximity to others is important to you, take advantage of the co-working spaces available to you as these can provide invaluable networking opportunities.

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