Moving from the Home into an Office

There are many advantages of working from home; however, you should always look at the other side of the coin to ensure you are maximizing your business opportunity and potential growth. Here are 3 major disadvantages of working from home that you should consider moving from your home into an office.

·        Isolation: An office is a workplace where you can meet with other people, socialize and chit-chat. However, when you work from home, you have less social interaction. You generally interact with others through phone or video conference. Therefore, you may start to feel lonely after a while and miss your life in the office.

·        High self-motivation required: When you are working from home, you won’t have a boss standing on top of your shoulder and waiting for you to finish that report. While not everyone needs a boss like this to finish their tasks by the deadline, you still need to have a lot of self-discipline and motivation to always stay on top of your to-do list.

·        Distractions: While there are distractions in the office because of coworkers, the distractions of working from home are much different. You can get distracted from your neighbors, kids or other family members. You need to make sure that they know you are actually working and you are unavailable when you are working from home so they don’t distract you. Also, running errands at home such as laundry, washing the dishes, etc. can be other distractions to your work.

If these 3 factors strike a chord with you, perhaps consider at looking to take that next step of moving into more professional surroundings. The key options for business premises are typically:

1Virtual offices. These allow a company to take up a prestigious business address, receptionist and personal assistance services without the cost of a physical office space. Many small businesses and start-ups elect for this option because they are not yet ready to move out of the home office or because, for various reasons, they want to stay at home.

2. Shared workspace or ‘co-working’. The use of shared workspace among independent contractors and startups has been booming recently – and it’s not hard to appreciate why. A product of the world’s increasingly flexible attitude to work, shared workspace encourages collaboration, offers the intangible ‘buzz’ many seek out in their local coffee shop, and represents a smaller investment than more permanent office space options.

3. Executive officesIf you’re business is ready to grow and you want a professional workspace without the commitment of a long lease, then an executive office is your best option – particularly if you are keen to cut out admin time spent calculating overhead costs and paying dozens of different bills. The best providers will be able to offer flexibility over terms that gives your business room to expand or contract, bringing on new staff or cutting back when necessary without fuss.

To give your company the best chance of surviving and thriving it is important to take advantage of the more flexible options and give your business room to ebb and flow – particularly in the early stages when performance is difficult to predict. Above all, make sure your premises reflect where your business currently stands, where you want it to go and how you want it to be perceived.

Office Evolution Columbus

At Office Evolution Columbus we understand the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur, and we have designed our services with the modern day, flexible, entrepreneur in mind. Our Virtual Office ranges from a private mailbox, to meeting space, to phone answering service providing the support you need in your entrepreneurial journey.

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