The Challenges of Working Remotely

Who knew working remotely could throw a wrench in your potential?


The number one tool needed for success is communication. When working from a remote location, your communication methods are limited. If you hardly ever put in face time with your coworkers and clients, it can cause a negative effect in your business potential. When it comes to constant email communication, so much can get lost in translation. It’s also a challenge to be clear with your written word, and if you work remotely, you need to keep those skills sharp.  When you are submersed in an office setting, you have the opportunity to communicate with others in a more efficient and practical way. Clear communication is pivotal for your business and career success.

Office Rapport

When you aren’t in the office every day, you miss out on many opportunities to foster relationships with the people you work with. It can end up being a lonely environment, which makes it difficult to network with professionals in your field. Working remotely also sets you at a disadvantage for outside input on your business ideas. Sure, you started a business, but what helps you grow is networking your ideas to like-minded professionals.

Unreliable Tools

Picture this, you have a Skype meeting scheduled with three coworkers, and your version of Skype is incompatible, your computer needs an update, or simply, the internet connection is poor. Working remotely exposes your business to these types of problems. Dodge this situation by having a designated space with all the tools readily available to conduct your business.


While many of us would enjoy a day or two working from a remote location, what we tend to forget are all the distractions that come with it. You aren’t just sitting in a stark white room with only your computer in front of you. The dog is barking, the house phone could be ringing non stop, and we all know how distracting it can be to try and work from the kitchen table. If you think you are going to find solace from the interruptions at your local coffee shop, think again. The non-stop jazz music makes it difficult to hold a conference call. If you don’t have a designated workspace to conduct business, being successful will be a challenge.

The Bright Side

Office Evolution Columbus understands the needs of the modern entrepreneur. Our Virtual Office Solutions give you the freedom to use our professional space, equipped with reliable wireless internet, as well as efficient conference rooms and meeting space. We can’t forget to mention the unlimited 24/7 access to our facility, and all other Office Evolution facilities nationwide. Lucky for you, we are ready to to give you the tools to switch from working remotely, to working brilliantly.

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