What Membership Means At Office Evolution

Membership is a term that can take on many different meanings. Depending upon who is offering the membership, the associated services and benefits can fall anywhere along a spectrum of above average, to simply acceptable, and even sub-par.  At Office Evolution our interpretation of what membership means has been guided by our mission to support entrepreneurs to the fullest. Our mantra “Your Business. Your Dream. Our Team.” is more than a tagline; it is a philosophy that has been the foundation of our services that we provide. Here are a few examples of what membership means to us:

Facility Rental

Our day offices and conference rooms come in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs at hand.  Even better for Office Evolution members, these facilities can be rented at half price, as a sign of our appreciation for your membership. Unlike competitors who force their members to rent in hour increments, our members may rent these facilities in 15 minute increments. We provide our members better control over their time and expenses. 

Virtual Offices

Virtual office members at Office Evolution enjoy the amount of flexibilty that they need to succeed.  We not only provide 24/7 access to our wifi equipped business lounge,  we also NEVER impose time limits (unlike competitors) on virtual members’ use of our facilities.  

At Office Evolution, the clock is your ally.  Gone are the days of a countdown running in the back of your head, reinforced by each tick of the clock.  You no longer need to feel rushed and distracted by time limits, nor do you need to waste your valuable resources on renting a meeting space in far greater increments than you need.  Your success is our dream too, and our services reflect that.  That is what membership means at Office Evolution.