New Investment Portfolio for Education in Virginia

The state of Virginia has a new tuition tracking portfolio for investing in your family’s education. The new tracking portfolio takes the guesswork out of saving and allows you to safely invest in education for your child’s future. As tuition costs rise year after year, your savings will grow at the same rate as the average tuition at Virginia public colleges and universities.

The Tuition Track Portfolio is a Principal Protected Portfolio which is designed to protect against losses of your initial investment, allowing for a more stable investment. The average cost of tuition in the state will be divided by 100 units to determine the cost of an individual unit. 1/100th of the academic year will be equal to 1 unit. This cost per unit will shift with the average cost of tuition year over year. So, say the average tuition cost is $13,000/year. 1 unit would be calculated by dividing the cost of tuition by 100 which would equal $130/unit. You are allowed to purchase whenever you want and how many you would like to purchase as well. You also can purchase units automatically each month.

When it’s time to use your units, your student will receive one year of the current Average Tuition for every 100 units previously purchased, regardless of how much tuition rates have grown.

Currently, Tuition at more than half of Virginia’s colleges costs less than 100 units a year. To cover the costs of attending a higher-than-average priced college simply consider purchasing more than 100 units a year. Also, to help out with items other than tuition, it would help to purchase a few more units annually as well.

Another benefit of Tuition Track is that units can be utilized at both public and private institutions anywhere in the country. The units can be used for international schools as well. Tuition is not the only thing these units are applied to; meal plans, books, and other qualified educational expenses can be covered by Tuition Track units. 

To learn more check out the Tuition Tracks website here.



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