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Kyle Miller

Jun 29, 2022

The space is always clean and ready to use even for impromptu meetings. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. A great space for quick meetings or for more permanent use.

George Chen

May 31, 2022

Fantastic Office Space with a Great Environment.

I’ve been coming to this workspace for over a year now and the place is excellent. The people that run the operation are great, and keep the facilities in great shape. There’s lot of space, meeting rooms, private offices and open seating. So whatever suits your need, they can accommodate it. Pricing is very reasonable and the location is very convenient too. I highly recommend this workspace!

Brandon Lopez

Apr 19, 2022

I’ve been a member of Office Evolution since Nov. 2021 & this is is my first office.

I’m so relieved that I chose this location to conduct my business, not only because it’s at the center of the DMV (and I get clients from all corners), but because it’s always kept so clean & the other members are pleasant to be around.

John and Fred take excellent care of my clients, they’re ready to help if I encounter any issues, and will always let me know of any opportunity to provide value to my business!

My clients are always happy to see the office evolutions decorations, and sometimes they take me up on the coffee or tea offer that I can offer because of the complimentary drink station OE offers.

I am excited to be a member here and looking forward to staying here until my business reaches its next level!

Until then, I’m grateful this place exist.

Zack Jose

Apr 19, 2022

Imajine Studio

Mar 10, 2022

I have been a private office member with Office Evolution in Fairfax and can’t say enough positive things about their Business Center. The space is bright and upbeat, the other members are fantastic to talk and be with and my exterior office is a great place to work from. Fred the Owner and his son John the Business Center Manager are so very supportive and responsive. I really enjoy that they are a family run business in comparison to some of the other flex office places I have worked out of in the past. I highly recommend Office Evolution Fairfax to anyone wanting to get away from home to work or needing a private office to run your business from. Office Evolution Fairfax does a great job of connecting you with other members and I just joined the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce who is also located here in the Business Center for networking opportunities.

Mid Atlantic Sports Consultants

Mar 10, 2022

“I rent a private office at Office Evolution Fairfax and I could not be happier with my decision. The amenities that are included put this location above the rest. Free parking, complimentary snacks and coffees, WiFi included, and beautiful conference rooms make this co-working center a great place to conduct my business. The environment is very professional and the team at Office Evolution has been great at accommodating me. I highly recommend their services for any small business.”


Jan 21, 2022

John is a great person, very helpful and kind. Perfect management and service.

Prep with Jen

Jan 04, 2022

I’m so glad I found this amazing co-working space! I run a tutoring business, and in addition to a work space where I can focus outside of the home, I also needed a classroom to teach my in-person courses. Office Evolution has everything I’m looking for and more. The owners, Fred and John, are always helpful, responsive, and great about following up. They are the gold standard in customer service!


Dec 16, 2021

Having to move overseas was a huge concern for me and my family.
Mail was just another one of those hassles moving…

However, after much research, I found Office Evolution through iPostal1. It is hard enough to trust a 3rd party with our personal mail, but Mr. (John) Franke and their family owned-run business has gone above and beyond helping/serving my family and I.

After months of using iPostal and Office Evolution, we are truly grateful for their services and for their hard work. We do not regret our decision in using their services!

David Hathaway

Dec 07, 2021

Very pleased to be part of office Evo. The management team is super pleasant and they keep my favorite coffee stocked.

Jacob Wright

Dec 06, 2021

John & Fred are great so if you are looking for office space look no further because they will take great care of you. Price point is more than reasonable and the environment is awesome. You can rent a space monthly or even just come rent a spot for the day if you need a quiet professional space to work. They have wireless charging hubs for your devices, security in place and even a kitchen with a great coffee maker.

Tiffany Parkes Moscova

Dec 01, 2021

Love love this space and the place is so peaceful. The amenities are wonderful!! Love it here

Barb Resig

Nov 13, 2021! Love the look, the feel, and the amenities – and, of course, the wonderful staff!

Terri O’Rourke

Oct 18, 2021

When we toured Office Evolutions Fairfax, we found the whole place to be very exquisite. The design for everything from the kitchen to the “telephone booth” private conversation rooms were so unique. The shared space was set up with enough space you didn’t feel as though you were in the middle of another’s conversation or work load. So many private offices, most with windows, left a very bright and comfortable feel. The meeting rooms were also very roomy. Overall, you could see there was much thought and detail put into each and every area. I am very impressed.

Edward Stern

Oct 07, 2021

Liked the design and the staff so much I signed an agreement when I didn’t expect to that day.

Andy Nagel

Oct 06, 2021

Fred was incredible. Office evolution in Fairfax

Helen Francis

Oct 06, 2021

Joshua Campbell

Oct 06, 2021

Tommy Foster

Oct 06, 2021

Alexander Sylvester

Oct 06, 2021

Anna McCoy

Sep 17, 2021

This place is ALL OF THE ABOVE when it comes to product and customer service. It was truly one of the best developments I’ve ever seen. The owner, a real people person goes out of his way to make you comfortable. He gets to know you personally and treats you like family. I can’t stop thinking about the space i chose there. Unfortunately, I was able to take it because of my team voting for another city closer for their commute. I tried pursuading them, but to no luck. If it wasn’t for that I would be living in that beautiful Fairfax location. I wish our business was big enough for 2 locations 🙂 This is definately my FIRST choice! I’d tell you to go check it out, but I dread the day someone takes that beautiful office i wanted :/ Its a hell of a deal folks. Check them out before you make a final decision. You won’t regret it !

Suzanne Mun

Sep 13, 2021

Natalie Pisano

Aug 26, 2021

Clean, professional and accommodating – will certainly return!

Anoop Mittra

Aug 20, 2021

Office Evolution Fairfax is a very professionally run company and they take care of their clients needs very well. We have used their conference room a few times and it has been top notch quality and service. I highly recommend their services

Joseph LeFebre

Aug 19, 2021

Fantastic facility with a very gracious owner!

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