Holiday Activities in Fishers

Thera are many holidays to celebrate this time of year, but the behemoth is certainly Christmas. The City of Fishers is hosting some family-friendly activities with the current pandemic in mind. These activities should sound familiar but have been adjusted a bit to provide for more social distancing and less human-to-human interaction.

With Indiana’s colder weather in the winter we naturally are going to be spending more time indoors. Add a historic pandemic to the weather and we’re going to be spending even more time in our homes. (Boo!) To help fight boredom and hopefully learn something too, the City of Fishers is giving away craft and activity boxes to families in December. Each kit will include activities for six different holidays that occur at this time of year.

Families will need to register to secure a craft kit. (Register here.) Each registration will garner a single kit, so if there is more than one kiddo in your family unit, keep that in mind. The kits will be distributed over three different days in December at three separate parks. This will be a touchless experience and adults will not even need to leave their car.

Additionally, Santa is coming to Fishers. Ten days in a row, actually. With help from the City’s fire and police departments, the City of Fishers is hosting a parade featuring Santa wherein he will be visiting dozens of neighborhoods in Fishers giving opportunities for families to come outside and wave hello. Each day Santa will slowly parade through various neighborhoods around the city. Residents can determine where they need to be using the daily parade route maps found here and will even be able to keep track of where Santa is out on the parade route through the City’s “Live Santa Tracker” that will update once or twice a minute, giving families a solid idea of when to pop outside to wave to Santa. The parade will begin each day at 11am and will conclude by 3pm.

Finally, if your youngsters are given to hand-writing more than an Email and want to be sure Santa has their Christmas list, Fishers has stationed a Santa’s Mailbox dropoff inside City Hall, just across the street from Office Evolution Fishers. And Santa will even send a short note to those submitting a self-addressed stamped-envelope along with their wish list.  

Lots of fun to be had this holiday season even in a very odd 2020. Be safe out there and know that everyone at Office Evolution wishes you a wonderful and safe season.